12 September 2008

ACSE Student shortlisted for SET Awards 2008

Photo: Luke Creasey

ACSE student Luke Creasey has been selected as a SET Awards 2008 finalist in the category 'The Bentley Motors Award for the Best Mechanical Engineering Student', as Judged by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, for his investigation into Traction Control in a Four Wheel Drive Environment.

The Science, Engineering & Technology Student of the Year Awards are very prestigious awards for science and technology undergraduates and give recognition to the outstanding achievements of the students and their Universities. The awards are presented at a high profile ceremony and media event attended by senior figures from industry, government and science.

Shortlists for each SET Award category are drawn up and a winner is ultimately chosen from the three selected finalists.

This years event will take place on 26 September, in London.

Dr Anthony Rossiter, Luke's project supervisor, adds, 'It was with great pleasure that I find Luke a finalist for this award; his project is easily the best UG project I have ever had the pleasure to witness and unsurprisingly he was awarded the department prize for best MEng project in 2008. I am also gratified to say that an independent marker agreed with me and quotes:'

"When Luke described the project to me I was amazed at the amount of work it would involve. There was mechanical design and manufacture, electronic design and construction, software design and program writing, as well as the commissioning of the whole vehicle, designing its control system, running experiments on it and analysing the results. To my surprise, not only did Luke complete the project but did it all to a high quality."