25 June 2013

University of Sheffield Enterprise prizes for ACSE students

This year University of Sheffield Enterprise (USE) awarded a sponsored prize to first year students in ACSE, and we are proud to announce the prize winners.  Maria Barluenga of USE and Dr Rossiter, Mrs Gray, Dr Purshouse and Professor Harrison of ACSE were there to hand out the prizes to the winning students.

The prize was given for a MATLAB assignment. The criteria for winning the prize were:

  • To demonstrate ability to be creative
  • To produce good design
  • To use sound engineering knowledge

ACSE students receiving USE awards

First Prize

The first prize of £25 went to student Abd-Ur-Rahman Khan who produced an interactive GUI for modelling and displaying the movement of quadruped robots.  Apart from significant programming skills, this entailed an impressive grasp of engineering concepts that are far beyond year one expectations.

Second Prize

Five other students each won the 2nd prize of £15:

Matt Kavanagh: Prod

uced an interactive GUI linked to keyboards, musical scales and the different timbre of notes depending on their underlying structure (sinusoid, triangular wave, square wave, etc.)

Andy Metcalfe: Produced an excellent animation of an asteroid game and an option for the user to control the space-craft and blaster.

Yohahn Ribeiro: Produced an excellent interactive GUI for demonstrating areas of simple shapes.  The GUI modified the input points available in response to user selections and was professionally finished, including a built in audio help file.

Rohan Takale: Tackled a number of topics in control analysis and design as well as basing the GUI on a ball and beam experiment thus engaged with learning well beyond year one expectations.  The GUI displayed all relevant figures for the student to undertake detailed analysis but did not allow meaningful user decisions.

Boon Lim: A GUI that illustrated the impact on performance of a line following robot of changing core parameters

Many congratulations to the winners!