Congratulations to the following members of staff on their recent Fellowship and Grant Award successes.

EPSRC Success: Affordable and clean energy via resilient and autonomous micro-grids. (Value to ACSE £515,137)

George Konstantopoulos for being awarded an EPSRC Fellowship, the aim of the fellowship is to develop a novel control engineering approach for maximum utilisation of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) in a local community-type micro-grid architecture. Using a private power network infrastructure that links producers and consumers of a local community (neighbourhood) with central and local storage units behind the meter, new Peer-to-Peer (P2P) energy-trading opportunities will be generated via this community-type micro-grid, leading to at least 20% financial benefits for every community member. The resilience of the system will be guaranteed via the advanced control technologies for the power converter-fed DER units, which will rigorously guarantee a stable and reliable micro-grid operation in a decentralised manner (minimum communication requirements).

Innovate UK Success: DYNAMO (Value to ACSE £401,253)

Robin Purshouse for securing funding for the DYNAMO project, DYNAMO (DYNamic Analysis Modelling and Optimisation of GDI Engines) aims to begin a revolution in product and process design for GDI (gasoline direct injection) engines that will open the route to mass market for ‘mild hybrid’ engines incorporating both GDI and electrification. The project will develop new robust optimization technologies and workflows to support systems engineers and design engineers in finding engine architectures and calibrations that can deliver reduced emissions and CO2 savings. DYNAMO represents a major collaboration between industrial partners Ford, Cambustion, Siemens, HSSMI and academic partners Loughborough University, Oxford Brookes University, STFC Laboratories, University of Bath and the University of Sheffield.

Well done to both George and Robin for their efforts and hard work.