SunbYte II student attends SPIN Conference

Student Frederico Orrego Mendez attended the SPIN (Space Placements in Industry) 2018 conference on behalf of SunbYte II! ACSE student Yun-Hang Cho was able to obtain SPIN funds from UKSA.

SunThe SPIN 2018 conference, took place between 4th to 7th September, and was managed by the UK Space Agency and supported by the Satellite Applications Catapult. It was developed to connect students who are looking for paid work placements in the space sector, with companies, research projects and not for profits who are looking to find those people to help ensure the future success of their organisation.

On Friday 7th September there was a Showcase Day. The SPINterns had worked on projects with different foci, learning new skills and contributing to the organisation they have been working for. The day allowed them to showcase their own abilities, as well as allow potential employers to engage with some of the brightest and most talented students as they approach graduation.

The students had to give a two-minute elevator pitch describing their project and what they’ve gained from their experience. They then spoke to all interested parties against a poster they have prepared during their placement. During the afternoon UKSEDS and the UK Space Agency hosted a Skills and Careers Speed Mentoring Session and Panel which was open to all students and recent graduates in attendance.

SunbYte II was born due to the success of SunbYte I. Both project teams are made up of students from a range of departments across the University of Sheffield from all levels of study. SunbYte I was completed under the REXUS/BEXUS 25 programme by the European Space Agency. SunbYte II is currently in progress; this generation is going to fly under the High Altitude Student Payload (HASP) programme run by NASA. 

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