Professional Services Staff

Note: The telephone prefix for the University of Sheffield is +44 114 22 from abroad, 0114 22 from the UK. You should append the given extension number in the tables below to this prefix if dialing from outside the University.

Name Post Email Phone
Bacon, Mr C Technical Experimental Officer 25605
Bovill, Mr A Business Administration Apprentice 25688
Bright, Mrs F G Research Support Officer 25248
Charlton, Ms A Learning and Teaching Manager (Tuesday - Thursday) or 25665
Eastwood, Mr P Technician 25658
Fieldsend, Miss R PA to Head of Department 25134
Fox, Mr D IT Officer 25604
Gibson, Miss G Senior Teaching Support Officer or 25635
Gibson, Ms J Post Award Hub, Senior Research Support Officer or

Goddard, Mrs R

Post Award Hub, Research Support Officer or

Ham, Mr M Pre Award Hub, Research Hub Manager or 25641
Hawley, Ms S Student Engagement Officer 25646
Healy, Mr L Finance Officer 25667
Heathcote, Mrs C M Secretary, Space Instrumentation Group (Part time) 25235
Hindley, Mr M Pre Award Hub, Research Support Officer or 21852
Holmes, Mr R PGT Admissions and Course Support Officer


Johnson, Miss L Finance Cluster Manager 25697
Lewis, Ms M Post Award Hub, Research Support Officer or 21923
Lilley, Dr I Senior Programmer 25552
Manni, Mr A Departmental Technical Manager 25557
Moffatt, L Ms Post Award Hub, Research Hub Manager or 21901
Pickstock, Mrs Y Finance Officer


Powell, Mr J Technician 25655
Robinson, Ms L Pre Award Hub, Research Support Officer 21944
Robjohns, Mrs J Marketing Officer (on Maternity Leave until March 2020) 25602
Sampson, Miss E Admissions and Student Support Assistant 25250
Staniforth, Mr P Technician/Safety Officer


Tucker, A Ms Post Award Hub, Senior Research Support Officer or 21815
Varcoe, Mrs C Departmental Administration Manager 25612
Whelpton, Mr A Technician 25127
Woodward, Miss E Employability & Admissions Officer (Wed - Fri) 25647
Worsfold, Mrs H Finance Officer (Cluster Team Leader) 25653
Wright, Ms A Marketing Officer 25602

General Finance Queries

For general finance queries, please call the ACSE general finance contact number: 0114 22 25694

Generic Contact Emails General queries into the department (including students), catering requests, meeting room requests, printing Queries re students on placement or general placement related queries For alumni correspondence Timetabling, teaching matters, student support queries, DDSS information For all careers enquiries from students and companies For all queries relating to exam questions papers or exams For all correspondence with staff and students re GTA work ALL ACSE finance queries PhD Correspondence for current students and staff PhD applicant enquiries Marketing enquiries Admissions queries UG and PGT