Stefan Trenkwalder

Mr Stefan Trenkwalder
Pam Liversidge Building
Sir Frederick Mappin Building
Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering
University of Sheffield
Sheffield S1 3JD

Room: F01, Pam Liversidge Building
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I was born in Innsbruck, Austria. I graduated from the Federal Higher Technical Institute for Educating and Experimenting for Chemistry (Vienna) in 2006 and was awarded with an Austrian Ingenier degree in computational chemistry in 2011. After graduating in electrical engineering (BSc) in 2011, I graduated in computer computer engineering (BSc) in 2012 from the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien). Currently, I'm working on my PhD in swarm robotics at the Natural Robotics Lab at the University of Sheffield, under the supervision of Dr. Roderich Groß and Dr. Andreas Kolling. This work resulted, besides others, in an operating system for swarm robots, OpenSwarm.

I'm also involved in organising the 13th International Symposium on Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems, DARS2016.

Research Interests

  • Distributed Systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • Operating Systems
  • Swarm Robotics
  • Fuzzy Set Theory

Teaching and professional activities

Lab Demonstrator for the following modules:

  • ACS223 Computer Systems and Applications (2014-5)
  • ACS6121 Robotics and Autonomous Systems (2013-4)
  • ACS6121 Robotics and Autonomous Systems (2014-5)
  • ACS6334 Mobile Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles (2013-4)
  • ACS6334 Mobile Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles (2014-5)

Professional Experience

  • Antibiotics research laboratory technician - Novartis (Vienna, Austria, 2003 & 2004)
  • Software Engineer - Mattig-Schauer GmbH (Vienna, Austria, 2008)
  • Software Engineer and service contractor - Data and Measurement Service GmbH (Vienna, Austria, 2007-2012)
  • IT-Support - Arbeiter Samariterbund (Vienna, Austria, 2012-2013)
  • Founding Member - SZ Informationstechnik (Vienna, Austria, 2012-Today)

Additional Training

  • Paramedic (2012)
  • JAR-FCL Private Pilot Licence (2009)
  • Radiotelephone Operator’s General Certificate for Aeronautical Services (2009)