Professor Zi-Qiang Lang

Professor of Complex Systems Analysis and Design

Professor Z Q Lang, BSc, MSc, PhD
Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering
University of Sheffield
S1 3JD
Tel: (+44) (0)114 222 5623
Fax: (+44) (0)114 222 5683


Professor Lang received his BS and MSc degree in the subject area of Automatic Control in China, and PhD degree in the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering at the University of Sheffield, UK. After several years' postdoctoral positions at Sheffield, he became a Lecturer in Automatic Control and Systems Engineering in 2003, was promoted to Senior Lecturer and Reader in 2008 and 2010, respectively, and has held the position of Chair in Complex Systems Analysis and Design in the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering at Sheffield since 2013. His main expertises relate to the theories and methods for complex systems modelling, analysis, design, and signal processing, and the application of these to resolving various engineering problems including smart structures and systems, civil and mechanical structural vibration control, structural health monitoring, and condition monitoring and fault diagnosis for wind turbine components and systems.

Research interests

  • Nonlinear system modeling, analysis and design in the frequency domain
  • Health monitoring and fault detection of engineering systems and structures
  • Smart structures and systems
  • Wind turbine system condition monitoring and control
  • Passive and semi-active vibration control with applications in marine, automobile, civil, and earthquake engineering

PI for research grants

KTP: Zilico, Innovate UK (TSB), awarded 07/11/2018, £190,816 (£143,112 Sheffield)

SYstems Science-based design and manufacturing of DYnamic MATerials and Structures (SYSDYMATS), EPSRC, awarded 29/03/2018, £488,398 (£244,199 Sheffield)

Application of novel nonlinear data modelling and analysis to the study of cervical impedance spectroscopy for preterm birth prediction, EPSRC, awarded 16/03/2018, £56,0626 (£28,0313 Sheffield)

Use of innovative fibre optic sensing to assess masonry arch bridges, EPSRC, awarded 19/12/2017, £52,779 (£26,389 Sheffield)

Nonlinear Damping Design and the Implementation for Building Base-Isolation Systems, ROYAL SOCIETY, awarded 03/06/2015, £12,000

Novel Sensing and Network for Intelligent Monitoring - Newton, EPSRC, from 01/07/12 to 30/06/16, £1,175,282 with £353,898 awarded to Sheffield

Demonstration of methods and tools for the optimisation of operational reliability of large-scale industrial wind turbines, EU FP7, from 01/08/13 to 31/07/16, €3,333,275 With €230,000 awarded to Sheffield

Structural damage evaluation using nonlinear lamb wave and frequency analyses, Royal Society and National Natural Science Foundation of China, from 01/04/2013 to 31/03/2015, £12,000 and RMB 130,000 with £12,000 awarded to Sheffield

An integrated wayside condition monitoring system for axle bearing, TSB, from 01/09/12 to 30/08/13, £392,695 with £51,640 awarded to Sheffield

Digital stereo Imaging and signal processing based condition monitoring technology for wind turbine blades, EPSRC KTA, from 11/11 to 09/12, £59,217

Experimental study of beneficial effect of nonlinear damping on vibration control, Royal Society, from 30/05/10 to 31/12/12, £11,190

Novel Integrated Condition Monitoring System for Wind Turbine Components, UK Northern Wind Innovation Program (NWIP), from 01/01/10 to 31/03/11, £80,664

New Generation Damping Technologies, EPSRC, from 01/05/08 to 31/10/11, £378,519

The application of advanced optimisation approaches to analytical engineering designs, Royal Society UK-China Science Network follow-up grant, from 01/05/06 to 31/12/06, £6,900

Application of advanced optimisation approaches to the design of engineering systems and structures, Royal Society UK-China Science Network start-up grant, from 01/08/04 to 21/08/04, £1,800

Nonlinear Output Frequency Response Functions: A New Concept in the Frequency Domain Analysis of Nonlinear Systems, EPSRC, from 01/04/04 to 30/11/06, £122,980

Professional activities and recognition

  • Associate editor of International Journal of Systems Science
  • Organizer of Royal Society Science Network
  • Referee for many quality learned journals
  • IPC Member of many international conferences
  • External Examiner for higher degrees

Recent key publications

Ho C, Lang Z-Q, Billings SA. A frequency domain analysis of the effects of nonlinear damping on the Duffing equation. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 45(1):49-67 03 Mar 2014 (Journal article)

Lang ZQ, Guo PF, Takewaki I. Output frequency response function based design of additional nonlinear viscous dampers for vibration control of multi-degree of freedom systems. Journal of Sound and Vibration 332(19):4461-4481 16 Sep 2013 (Journal article)

Ho C, Lang ZQ, Billings SA, Sapiński B. Vibration isolation using nonlinear damping implemented by a feedback-controlled MR damper. Smart Materials and Structures 22(10) Oct 2013 (Journal article)

Laalej H, Lang ZQ, Sapinski B, Martynowicz P. MR damper based implementation of nonlinear damping for a pitch plane suspension system. Smart Materials and Structures 21(4) Apr 2012 (Journal article)

Bayma RS, Lang ZQ. A new method for determining the generalised frequency response functions of nonlinear systems. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers 59(12):3005-3014 2012 (Journal article)

Laalej H, Lang ZQ, Billings SA, Daley S, Zazas I, Tomlinson GR. Application of non-linear damping to vibration isolation: an experimental study. Nonlinear Dynamics 69(1-2):409-421 Jul 2012 (Journal article)

Lang ZQ, Park G, Farrar CR, Todd MD, Mao Z, Zhao L, Worden K. Transmissibility of non-linear output frequency response functions with application in detection and location of damage in MDOF structural systems. International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics 46(6):841-853 Jul 2011 (Journal article)

Peng ZK, Lang ZQ, Wolters C, Billings SA, Worden K. Feasibility study of structural damage detection using NARMAX modelling and Nonlinear Output Frequency Response Function based analysis. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 25(3):1045-1061 Apr 2011 (Journal article)

Peng ZK, Lang ZQ, Meng G, Chu FL. Locating nonlinear components in periodic structures using nonlinear effects. Structural Health Monitoring 9(5):401-411 2010 (Journal article)

Lang ZQ, Jing XJ, Billings SA, Peng ZK, Tomlinson GR. Theoretical study of the effects of nonlinear viscous damping on vibration isolation of sdof systems. Journal of Sound and Vibration 323(1-2):352-365 05 Jun 2009 (Journal article)