Random Vibration in Ground Vehicles

Supervisor: Professor Rob Harrison

Project Description:

Methods will be developed to model and analyse the behaviour of vehicles in response to randomly occurring disturbances such as the road surface profile and/or wind turbulence. The aim here is to overcome limitations inherent in commonly made assumptions such as constant velocity of motion. Design methods will be developed to predict e.g. time taken to first exceed a threshold force or to determine fatigue life. Both simulation-based and probabilistic analyses will be used.

Target problems might be rail vehicles interacting with a flexible and rough track, emerging from a tunnel into strongly gusting wind - what is its likelihood of derailing? What features of the random disturbances make this more likely or less likely? Similar ideas apply to cars and trucks, of course.

You should have a good degree in a relevant, numerate subject with strengths in mathematical analysis and strong programming skills e.g. in Matlab, C or Java.

Contact Details

Professor Rob Harrison

  • Tel: +44 (0) 114 222 5139

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