Novel swarm systems

Supervisor: Dr R Gross

Project Description

This project is meant to design and study a novel swarm system in the widest sense. Such a system would ideally:

  1. advance technologies (e.g. decision making, construction, design, robotics, automation);
  2. enhance understanding of biological systems (e.g. bacteria, cells, flocking birds, social insects); or
  3. have an impact on society (arts, education etc).

The project could be purely theoretical, simulation based or practical. For example, it could focus on an advanced topic of bio-inspired artificial intelligence [2], such as behavioural systems, cellular systems, collective systems,  developmental systems, evolutionary systems, immune systems, and neural systems.

The project will be carried out in the Natural Robotics Lab [1].

[2] Dario Floreano and Claudio Mattiussi, Bio-inspired artificial intelligence. Theories, methods, and technologies. MIT Press, 2008

Prospective applicants should have a degree in a subject relevant to the project (applicants from all disciplines are highly encouraged to apply).

Contact Details

Dr R Gross

  • Tel: +44 (0) 114 222 5610

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