Micro/Milli-Robots and Systems

SupervisorDr Shuyhei Miyashita

Project Description

Recent rapid development on Milli and Microscale robotics has provided a massive impact on palm-top autonomy that are applicable to various fields. We are developing fabrication techniques of micro origami-robots and remote magnetic control methods that are to be applied to paradigm shifting manufacturing approaches and in-vivo biomedical applications.

Our research focuses are: (1) Micro robot design, fabrication and control, and (2) Remote magnetic control. The goal of this program is to develop mechanisms and systems that supports sensing, computing, and action of micro/milli-robots. Upon our successes to develop a series of miniature robots that can be remotely controlled, we will make them more autonomous to become able to locally make decisions, such as inside the human body.

Prospective Applicants

Prospective applicants should have an engineering or science degree. The project involves practical and theoretical activities.

Contact Details

Dr Shuyhei Miyashita

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