Research Environment

We provide an intellectually stimulating environment where you will be exposed to a wide range of creative problem solving techniques that will enable you to tackle complex and multi-disciplinary problems in innovative ways.

Networking and Collaborative Opportunities

As one of our research students you will actively engage with other academic collaborators, particularly where new skills and techniques are best pursued in a partner laboratory, in industry or overseas, where this fits with the individual and scope of the project.

The department's seminar programme provides an opportunity to all postgraduate research students to engage with leading researchers from outside the department, as well as with academics and graduate students from our department, as they present and discuss their cutting-edge research. This is an excellent opportunity for you to join with other students, faculty, staff, and visitors to actively participate in the scientific community. 

Every year, the department runs a Postgraduate Student Symposium. The aim is to provide a platform for our research students to present their work and discuss it with other students and everyone interested in the research work of the department. Typically, there are short talks given by 2nd and 3rd year PhD Centre students and a lunchtime poster session at which 1st year PhD students present their work.

Our seminar programme

Research FacilitiesPGT Facilities

We have an extensive range of industry-standard modelling, simulation and controller design tools. Our laboratories include a robotics laboratory, a human performance laboratory, a noise and vibration control laboratory, embedded and real-time laboratories, a flight simulator, clean facilities for the assembly of satellite instrumentation for analysis of space plasma physics, and a fault detection laboratory.

You can also affiliate with one of our leading interdisciplinary research centres.

Our research centres and institutes

The Engineering Graduate School

The Faculty of Engineering has invested heavily in creating an exemplary environment for our PGR students so that they can attain the highest standards of research, research training, scholarship and intellectual development. The Pam Liversidge Building houses lecture theatres, flexible teaching and study spaces, and drop-in IT facilities. It is also home to many of our engineering postgraduate students and research ventures.

The Engineering Graduate School

Information and Library Resources

The Library has four sites on campus: the Information Commons (IC), Western Bank Library, The Diamond and the Health Sciences Library. They house over 1.4 million books, journals, periodicals and DVDs. They also provide access to over 22,000 e-books and e-journals.

World class library facilities

Student Support

The University and the Union of Students are well-equipped to assist with welfare or other problems which may arise.

The PhD supervisory team is always ready to discuss problems concerned with your studies as well as help with personal problems and, if necessary, can put you in touch with the relevant section of our student support services for more specialist advice.

Prospective Postgraduate Student Support