Join the Centre for Doctoral Training in Control and Systems Engineering for your PhD


Welcome to the Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Control & Systems Engineering. Study your PhD at ACSE and join us in a unique department, with a widely acknowledged reputation for world-leading research. You will enter a community of researchers some of whom will become friends and colleagues for life.

Professional Training

In addition to your research topic, you will undertake wider research training aimed at making you an effective researcher and communicator and helping you become a leader in your chosen area.

We recognise that carrying out pioneering research is particularly challenging which is why we in the CDT have developed a comprehensive training programme to help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to be a successful researcher – the Doctoral Development Programme (DDP).

The DDP is a flexible, personalised and integral part of your research degree. Along with your colleagues who entered at the same time, you will complete a common set of activities, offering training in a wide-range of generic transferable research skills. You will also undertake subject-specific technical training according to your personal needs. Much of this takes place in the first three months except for the technical.

You will be supervised and guided by at least two members of academic staff – the Supervisory Team – who will be leading researchers in their fields and who will help you shape the training to your individual needs.

Summary of the DDP

As part of the DDP you will attend weekly seminars by eminent external and internal speakers and our annual research symposium where you will present your research to fellow students and academics.

You will also attend our research training sessions, which include: presentation skills, academic writing, mentoring skills, various case studies and much more. If English is not your first language, English language training is also available.

The DDP will assist you to:

  • develop more awareness of your strengths and weaknesses
  • monitor your achievements over time
  • identify goals and the means to achieve them
  • gain a new perspective on your research topic and ideas about your future career
  • illustrate your skills and experience to employers in the form of a portfolio of achievement

For further information see the CDT Student Handbook

Key facts & fees Support for your career

Career Planning

Since your PhD degree is ultimately an investment in your future career, the Supervisory Team will help you to enhance your employability, and increase your awareness of development opportunities available whilst studying at Sheffield.

In addition, the University Careers Service provides ample facilities and support to help you through the various stages of seeking employment as you aim to secure your dream job – in the UK or elsewhere. It fully recognises the needs and interests of international students.