Research Laboratories in Autonomous Systems and Robotics

These are all the laboratories and centres associated with the Autonomous Systems and Robotics research group and the main areas of research associated with the laboratories.

Autonomous Control Laboratory
Led by Professor Sandor Veres

The Autonomous Control Laboratory provides equipment, instrumentation and tools to build and maintain embedded computing boards and sensors onboard autonomous vehicles and robots. The laboratory has a fleet of quadrotors, rovers, model aircrafts with onboard computers for sensing, decision making and feedback control. The laboratory also has a pair of robotic arms with advanced computer vision to be used for autonomous materials handling and manufacturing projects. 

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Natural Robotics Laboratory
Led by Dr Roderich Gross

The Natural Robotics Lab provides facilities to experiment with medium-sized teams to large-scale swarms of autonomous robots. The laboratory has various mobile and modular reconfigurable robotic platforms with more than 150 robots in total. It has a state-of-the-art equipment base including a 3D printer, motion tracking system, and a projector-based virtual environment.

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Image: Control and Power Systems Lab

Control and Power Systems (CAPS) Lab
Led by Professor Qing-Chang Zhong

The state-of-the-art CAPS lab has various facilities for hardware-in-the-loop, real-time simulations, embedded systems, renewable energy, electrical vehicles, microgrids, smart grid integration, electric drives, traction power systems etc, which paves a solid foundation for completely autonomous power systems. 

Assisted Living and Service Robotics Laboratory
Led by Osman Tokhi

The laboratory is used to support the hardware work of a number of postgraduate students and it has state of the art equipment for embedded and realtime computing.

Laboratory presence at Sheffield Robotics

  1. Robotic laboratory for the food and aerospace manufacturing industries (led by T Dodd)
  2. Swarm robotics floor and demo facility (led by R Gross)
  3. Spacecraft autonomy testing facility with 5DOF models and facility to carry out hardware-in-the-loop testing of industry hardware (led by S Veres)
  4. Assisted living, healthcare and service robotics (led by O Tokhi)
  5. Autonomous car/rover hardware in the loop testing with real vehicles (under construction, led by S Veres)

Our presence at Sheffield Robotics displays the broad scope and internationally leading research carried out by the Autonomous Systems and Robotics Group.

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