Autonomous Systems and Robotics People

The ASR Group at the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering has 9 core academic members with a broad scope of internationally leading research activity.

Image: Professor Sandor Veres

Professor Sandor Veres

Autonomous systems architectures and programming, reasoning based intelligent agents, self-reconfiguring autonomous systems, agent readable journal papers, distributed, cooperative control in multi-agent systems, formal verification of multi-agent autonomous systems.

Image: Dr Sean Anderson

Dr Sean Anderson

Study of autonomy in biological systems in order to find biologically inspired robotic solutions (short term), and gain an understanding of the human control systems (long term).

Image: Dr Tony Dodd

Professor Tony Dodd

Autonomous control for ground and air vehicles (UAVs), co-operative control, mission planning, and task allocation. Navigation and simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM). Physical robot development in dynamic, uncertain and confined spaces using Bayesian and biologically inspired approaches.

Image: Dr Roderich Gross

Dr Roderich Gross

Dr Roderich Gross investigates robotic systems inspired by nature and robotic models of natural systems. Particular emphasis is on the study of self-assembling robotic systems and swarm robotic systems. He serves as an Associate Editor of the journal Swarm Intelligence and of the ICRA and IROS conferences.

Zhao ThumbnailDr Shiyu Zhao

Dr Zhao's research interests lie in distributed control and estimation of networked dynamical systems and its application to intelligent and robotic systems.

Dr Dana DamianDr Dana Damian

Dr Damian's research is concerned with developing bionic and assistive robots that show life-like behavior and sustained operation in order to achieve long-term adaptive healthcare. This research resides at the intersection between soft robotics, embodied artificial intelligence and bioengineering. Work includes robotic implants, prosthetic wearables, and plant prostheses.

Image: Dr Lyudmila Mihaylova

Professor Lyudmila Mihaylova

Professor Mihaylova's research includes autonomous systems, statistical signal processing, target tracking and sensor data fusion, adaptive filtering and change detection, decision making under uncertainty, localisation and navigation, and Bayesian methods.