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Complex Systems and Signal Processing Research Group

The Complex Systems and Signal Processing research group is internationally leading in the development of techniques and algorithms for complex systems analysis, control and signal processing and the application of these in emerging areas of science, engineering and medicine.

The group is renowned for its work on the identification and analysis of complex spatio-temporal systems, nonlinear signal processing, and the analysis and design of nonlinear systems in the frequency domain.

Research themes

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Our research provides the underpinning signal processing, system identification, dynamical analysis, control and modelling to support emerging multi-disciplinary research themes.

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The group collaborates widely with academic and industrial partners, such as the European Space Agency, Vestas and BAE Systems.

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We are a multidisciplinary team, carrying out world-class research and widely recognised for our outstanding achievements and contributions to the international research community.

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Our research environment encourages independent collaboration, flexible response to emerging opportunities and participation in research centres.

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