Complex Systems and Signal Processing People

The CSSP Group at the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering has 9 core academic members with a broad scope of internationally leading research activity.

Professor Daniel CocaProfessor Daniel Coca

Research interests include developing novel mathematical, computational and analytical methods to analyse, model and control complex dynamical systems as well as apply the tools developed to complex systems in physics, engineering, life sciences and finance.

Image: Professor Michael Balikhin

Professor Michail A Balikhin

Professor Balikhin's main scientific interests are the physics of collisionless shocks, plasma turbulence and nonlinear systems. Other research topics include dynamics of radiation belts and waves in the inner magnetosphere.

GeorgeK 125x125pxDr George Konstantopoulos

Dr Konstantopolos research interests lie in the intersection of the ‘control systems’ and ‘power systems’ research areas, in particular: Advanced control design of power electronic converters and Nonlinear modelling and control of renewable energy systems.

Image: Dr Inaki Esnaola

Dr Iñaki Esnaola

Research interests include information theory and communication theory with an emphasis on application to electricity grid problems. Research focuses on understanding the constraints imposed by incomplete or mismatched system information.

Image: Dr Victor Fedun

Dr Viktor Fedun

Dr Fedun's research is primarily concerned with the mathematical modelling of physics of solar/space plasmas, sun-solar wind and solar-terrestrial systems. The study of such systems is crucially important for understanding the Sun and predicting Space Weather.

Image: Dr Lingzhong Guo

Dr Lingzhong Guo

Research interests include spatio-temporal/infinite dimensional system identification and analysis in the space and time domain and the frequency domain, multiscale modelling of biomedical systems and modelling and analysis of differentially expressed genes in biology.

Image: Dr Bryn Jones

Dr Bryn Jones

Research interests include feedback control of fluid flows, wind-turbine gust prediction and blade-pitch control, control of spatially distributed systems, low-order modelling for control of high/infinite dimensional systems, energy harvesting and novel technologies for marine and polar science.
Image: Professor Zi-Qiang Lang

Professor Zi-Qiang Lang

Professor Lang's expertises relate to the theories and methods for complex systems modelling, analysis, design, and signal processing, and the application of these to resolving various engineering problems.

Dr Hua-Liang Wei
Dr Hua-Liang Wei

Research interests include signal processing, system identification, data mining and data based modelling, with applications to general engineering, bioengineering, neuroscience, systems and synthetic biology, environments, space weather and other emerging areas.

Dr Mahnaz Arvaneh Dr Mahnaz Arvaneh

Research interests include biomedical signal processing, machine learning and pattern recognition, statistical and adaptive signal processing,  mathematical modelling of bioelectric signals, brain–computer interface algorithms, systems, adaptation, and applications, robotic and BCI-based stroke rehabilitation, neuroprosthetic learning and control, medical systems and devices.