Intelligent Systems, Decision and Control People

The ISDC Group at the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering has 9 core academic members with a broad scope of internationally leading research activity. Recent academic appointments have strengthened research in decision support systems for socio-economic, healthcare and manufacturing systems, control and optimization and smart materials.

Image: Professor Visakan Kadirkamanathan

Professor Visakan Kadirkamanathan

Research interests belong to the broad category of signal and information processing.  including both theoretical and applications research, and external collaborations.

Ash Tiwari 125x125

Professor Ashutosh Tiwari

His key research areas focus on; digitisation of skill-intensive manufacturing processes, such as wing manufacture and engine assembly, multi-level optimisation of manufacturing processes and real-time simulation of manufacturing processes.

Image: Professor Rob Harrison

Professor Rob Harrison

Focuses on building models from uncertain data for diagnosis, prognosis, control and decision support in a wide range of problem areas: clinical (emergency medicine, oncology), biomedical (hormone rhythms), complex technological systems (gas turbine engines). He does this through developing and exploiting new machine learning algorithms and methodologies.

Image: Professor Mahdi Mahfouf

Professor Mahdi Mahfouf

Research interests include reconciling interpretability and accuracy of intelligent systems based modelling and control architectures, dealing with system uncertainties, and linking granularity with multi-scale descriptions. Neural-fuzzy paradigms with self-organising and self-adaptive capabilities are the main focus of his research with special applications to Biomedicine, Materials Science & Engineering as well as Manufacturing Systems.

Professor George Panoutsos

Professor George Panoutsos

Member of the IMMPETUS research group working in the areas of metals design and processing. Also works in the fields of Bioengineering and Healthcare.

Image: Dr Simon Pope

Dr Simon Pope

Areas of interest include the development of novel control methods and smart materials to control the structure and effective parameters of materials. These materials could be used to freely control the propagation of sound, vibration or electromagnetic waves. Applications in marine systems, aerospace, civil and transport.

Image: Dr Robin Purshouse

Dr Robin Purshouse

Robin's research focuses on complex optimization and decision-making, and also the modelling and analysis of complex social systems with particular applications in public health (e.g. alcohol consumption).

Image: Dr Anthony Rossiter

Dr Anthony Rossiter

Research predominantly based on predictive control, specifically with a focus on modifying the basic algorithm to optimise computational efficiency and/or simplicity with minimal sacrifice to expected performance.

Dr Paul TroddenDr Paul Trodden

Paul's research interests lie broadly in control theory and optimization, such as distributed model predictive and optimization-based control.

John O 125x125Dr John Oyekan

John's research interests include computer vision, machine learning, data analytics, bio-inspired algorithms, unmanned ground vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and swarm intelligence.