Centre for Signal Processing and Complex Systems

Multi-disciplinary research

montage1.jpgThe Centre for Signal Processing and Complex Systems supports a diverse range of multi-disciplinary research projects that span several departments and institutions. The centre provides the underpinning signal processing, system identification, dynamical analysis, control and modelling to support emerging multi-disciplinary research themes in medicine, systems and synthetic biology, stem cell dynamics, neuro-imaging, bio-imaging, neural processing in Drosophila, reaction-diffusion systems, non-equilibrium growth processes, studies of solar terrestrial systems, mobile robots, volatility modelling and financial systems, climate dynamics, nonlinear materials design and many other complex phenomena.

Research aims

The aims of the centre are twofold: First, to elaborate developments of nonlinear signal and information processing methods from a generic systems engineering perspective. Secondly, to extend and develop the systems engineering algorithms to address the specific problems associated with each of the multi-disciplinary topics above. We expect this research to naturally evolve to include other cross-disciplinary research themes and to stimulate further collaboration between disciplines, departments and institutions.

Most of the research is funded from the research councils and similar bodies with grant capture by the founding members over the last three years of over £25m.

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