Professor Darwin G Caldwell

Professor D CaldwellAddress:
Professor D G Caldwell B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D
Italian Institute of Technology
(Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia)
Via Morego, 30
16163 - Genoa, Italy
Tel: (+39) 010 71781 407
Fax: (+39) 010 717 2086
Email: Darwin.Caldwell @

Research interests
Selected Grants (Since 2000)
Professional Activities and Recognition
Invited/Plenary Presentations
Selected Publications Since 2001


Professor Darwin Caldwell is Research Director at the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa, Italy and a visiting professor in the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering. He was at the University of Salford from 1989 to 2007 as a Lecturer, S. Lecturer, Reader and finally Professor of Advanced Robotics in the Centre for Robotics and Automation (1999-2007).

Professor Caldwell is currently Chair of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Chapter (UKRI) and a past co-chair of the IEE (IET) Robotics and Mechatronics PN.

Professor Caldwell is on editorial board of 'Industrial Robot', guest editor of several journals and regularly contributes to international activities through conference organization, seminars and invited lectures.

He has published over 170 papers and has received awards at several international conference and events.

Research interests

Innovative actuators and power systems, Tactile sensing, haptic feedback, force augmentation exoskeletons, Human performance augmentation, novel end-effectors (particularly dextrous manipulators), humanoid robotics, bipedal and quadrapedal robots, biomimetic systems, rehabilitation robotics, telepresence and teleoperation procedures, and robotics and automation systems for the food industry

Prof Caldwell in association with Prof John Gray (Salford University) was responsible for the establishment of the Yorkshire Forward funded Centre for Food Robotics and Automation (CenFRA).

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Selected Grants (Since 2000)

Sponsor Title Date Value
EPSRC Advanced Robotics Masterclass and Workshop – ROBOTICS 2000 (11/4/00-10/5/00) £15,170
Defra Automated Sandwich Making Bridge Link Project with INBIS plc (1/10/00–31/12/00) £50,000
EPSRC Robo-Erectus - A Biologically Inspired Robotic Primate (1/4/01-30/3/02) £36,585
Defra Automated Sandwich Making (1/2/01–30/6/01) £115,000
EPSRC Robotics Network (1/4/02-30/3/05) £62,000
EPSRC/BBSRC Food Automation Network (1/4/02-30/3/05) £62,756
EPSRC Robotics and Intelligent Automation in Food Manufacturing (1/3/02-28/2/05) £193,875
EU Multisense (1/6/02-30/5/05) €480,000
DTI FoMACes (1/2/02–15/6/02) £25,000
Leverhumle Trust 'Artist in Residence' (1/1/03–30/10/03) £10,000
EPSRC The Grasping Challenge - Anatomy of Dexterity (1/4/03-31/12/03) £54,673
Southern Arizona Veterans Affairs Medical Center, USA Diabetic Shoe (1/2/03–30/4/03) $8,000
EPSRC Haptic Interfaces using metal hydrides power sources   £96,567
Defra Modular, Reconfigurable, 'Shelled' Robotic Automation (1/11/03-30/9/04) £60,000
Defra CASPER (1/10/03-30/3/04) £58,371
EU Automation for the Food Sector (14/03–31/12/05) £315,000
EU ROBOTCUB (8/04–07/09) €700,000
EU NovelQ (04/06-03/11) €104,000
Yorkshire Forward Automation of the Food Industry (01/07–12/09) £550,000
Defra Grail Robot – A Generic Robot for Food Manufacturing (8/07–7/09) £200,000

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Professional Activities and Recognition

  • Member of the EPSRC College
  • Referee for several international funding bodies
  • Referee for many journals
  • International Program Committees
  • External Examiner for higher degrees
  • External Examiner for Undergraduate courses at King’s College, London, University of Lancaster and University of Plymouth
  • Visiting Professor University of Sheffield, University of Wales, Bangor, University of Manchester
  • Member of over 50 conference IPCs and organising committees
  • Chair of the IEEE Robotic and Automation Chapter (UKRI)

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Invited/Plenary Presentations

  • Invited lecture at IEEE VR2000, March 2000
  • Invited lecture at MIM-2000 Symposium, Patras, Greece July, 2000
  • Invited speaker at EPSRC/IEE Research Themes in Robotics, London Oct. 2000
  • Invited Lecture at AIM’01 Como Italy, July 2001
  • Invited Lecture at IAS’7 Marina Del Rey, USA, March 2002
  • Keynote speaker at RIUPEEEC 2005, Hong Kong, July 2005
  • Invited speaker at Workshop on Medical Robotics, ICRA 2006, Orlando, USA, April 2006
  • Keynote Speaker at IEEE UKRI Annual General Meeting, March 2007
  • Invited speaker at Workshop on Medical Robotics, ICRA 2007, Rome Italy April 2007
  • Invited speaker at Workshop on Exoskeletons, ICRA 2007, Rome Italy April 2007

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Selected Publications Since 2001

  1. D.G.Caldwell, G.A.Medrano-Cerda, and N.Tsagarakis, J.Schofield, and S.Brown, ‘Nuclear Waste Retrieval Operations employing Novel pneumatic Actuation Techniques’, Control Engineering Practice, Vol 9(1), pp.23-36, 2001.
  2. S.Davis, D.G.Caldwell ‘Enhanced Dynamic Performance in pneumatic Muscle Actuators’, IEEE Robotics and Automation Conf., pp. Washington, USA, May 2002.
  3. S.T.Davis, N.Tsagarakis, J.Canderle and D.G.Caldwell, ‘Enhanced Modelling and Performance in Braided pneumatic Muscle Actuators’, International Journal of Robotics Research, Vol. 22, No.3-4, March-April 2003, pp.213-227, 2003.
  4. N.Tsagarakis and D.G.Caldwell, ‘Development and Control of a ‘Soft-Actuated’ Exoskeleton for Use in Physiotherapy and Training’, Autonomous Robots, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Vol 15, pp21-33, 2003.
  5. N.G.Tsagarakis and D.G.Caldwell, ‘Development And Control Of A Physiotherapy And Training Exercise Facility For The Upper Limb Using Soft Actuators’, ICAR 2003, pp.1092-1097, Coimbra, Portugal, July 2003. (Best Conference Paper)
  6. S.Davis and D.G.Caldwell ‘Braid Effects on Contractile Range and Friction Modelling in pneumatic Muscle Actuators’, Int. J. Robotics Research, March 2006.
  7. N.G.Tsagarakis, M.Petrone, D.Testi, R.Mayoral, C.Zannoni, M.Viceconti, G.J.Clapworthy, J.O.Gray, D.G.Caldwell, ‘Pre-Operative Planning for Total hip Arthroplasty using a Haptic Enabled Multimodal Interface and Framework’, IEEE Trans of Multimedia and Visualization: Special issue in Haptics, Vol 13 (3), pp.40-48, July-Sept 2006.
  8. S.Davis, M.G. King, J.W. Casson, J.O.Gray and Darwin G Caldwell, ‘Automated Handling, Assembly and Packaging of Highly Variable Compliant Food Products- Making a Sandwich’, pp.1213-18ICRA 2007, Rome, Italy, April 2007. Best Paper in Automation (Runner-up).
  9. N.G.Tsagarakis , G.Metta, G.Sandini, D.Vernon, R.Beira, J.Santos-Victor, M.C.Carrazzo, F.Becchi, and Darwin G Caldwell, ‘iCub – An Open Humanoid Platform for Cognitive and Neuroscience Research’, International Journal of Advanced Robotics, Vol 21 No, 6, June 2007.
  10. D.G.Caldwell, N.G.Tsagarakis, S.Kousidou, N.Costa and Y.Sarakglou, ‘Development of a ‘Soft’ Exoskeleton’, International Journal of Humanoid Robotics, (to be published Sept. 2007).

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