Dr James Law

Senior Experimental Officer, Sheffield Robotics

Dr James LawAddress:
The University of Sheffield
Rm B04 Pam Liversidge Building
Sir Frederick Mappin Building
Mappin Street
S1 3JD
Tel: +44 (0)114 222 5690
E-mail: j.law@sheffield.ac.uk
Twitter: @Dr_J_Law

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James is a roboticist with a broad background including control systems, multi-robot coordination, and psychological modelling. In addition to his research activities, James is responsible for the management of the technical team and facilities at Sheffield Robotics.

James holds an MEng degree in Electronic Control and Robot Engineering from The University of Hull (2003), and Ph.D. in Intelligent Systems from the Open University (2008). James’ early work considered the structure and complexity of emergent coordination in multi-robot teams. This led to his involvement in robot football, representing the UK from 2004-2006.  In 2009, after a period as a consultant, James moved to the Computer Science department at Aberystwyth University as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate on the EU-FP7 IM-CLEVER project. In 2014 he moved to Sheffield to take up his current post at Sheffield Robotics, and the department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering.

James is enthusiastic about public engagement. He is a TEDx speaker, has been interviewed for national and international television and radio, and is an alumnus of Science Busking, Strictly Engineering, and FameLab.

Research interests

James’ main interests are in cognitive developmental robotics, using robots to model and learn from development in human infancy. He is currently investigating the role of play in infancy as a driver for learning, along with colleagues at Aberystwyth University.  James is also leading the ROBO-GUIDE project on assistive robotics at Sheffield, an interdisciplinary investigation into factors affecting trust in human-robot interaction.


EPSRC grant No. EP/M013510/1. Developmental algorithms for robotics; Understanding the world of objects, interactions and tools', 2015-2018, £560k


Journal articles


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Conference proceedings papers

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Theses / Dissertations

  • Law J (2008) Abstracting Multidimensional Concepts for Multilevel Decision Making in Multirobot Systems.