Research Staff

Note: The prefix for the University of Sheffield is +44 114 22 from abroad, 0114 22 from the UK. You should append the given extension number in the tables below to this prefix if dialing from outside the University.
Rooms beginning with a digit are in the Sir Henry Stephenson Building; those beginning with a letter are in the Amy Johnson Building; PLB = Pam Liversidge Building, MAPP = Sir Frederick Mappin Building

Name Post/Research Area Email Room/Phone
Aitken, Dr J Research Fellow B05(PLB)/25660
Aram, Dr P Research Associate 217/25645
Bai, Dr H Research Associate 314
Baraka, Mr A Research Assistant 304/
Blenkinsop, Dr A Research Associate
Boynton, Dr R Research Associate B22/25234
De Freitas, Mr A Research Assistant 218/25559
Duro, Dr J Research Associate B24
Dybalova, Ms D Research Associate B12(PLB)/26083
Eimontaite, Dr I Research Associate B12(PLB)
Florescu, Dr D Research Associate in Neural Computing A05/25671
Guo, Dr Y Research Associate 314/25231
Hamad, Dr A Research Associate 218/25559
Hawes, Dr M Research Associate 218
He, Dr F Research Associate in Computational systems biology and  Nonlinear systems identification & Neuroscience 302/25129
Heggo, Mr M Research Associate B20
Heins, Dr P Research Associate 314/25231
Hills, Dr A Research Associate B20/25601
Holtby, Dr D Research Associate, Rolls-Royce UTC in Control Systems B20/25627
Isupova, Miss O Research Assistant 217/25559
Jacobs, Dr W Research Associate B20/
James, Dr S Research Associate
Law, Dr J Senior Experimental Officer B04(PLB)/25690
Li, Dr P Research Associate 303/25551
Luna Ortiz, Mr C Research Assistant A05/25671
McAree, Dr O Research Fellow F10 (PLB)/25138
Mills, Dr A R Senior Industrial Research Fellow, Rolls-Royce UTC in Control Systems B20/25634
Nagahawatte, Mr I Research Assistant A23
Obajemu, Dr O Research Associate 302/25129
Ortiz, Dr P Research Software Engineer D11/25611
Qu, Dr H Research Fellow F40(PLB)/25666
Paredes Soto, Dr D Research Associate A23, 25639
Rubio Solis, Dr A Research Associate 304
Tomkins, Dr A Research Associate A05/25671
Walker, Dr S Research Fellow B22/25234
Yan,  Dr Y Research Associate B24
Yearby, Dr K H Senior Research Fellow
Technical manager for the Digital Wave Processor and co-ordinator for the Cluster Wave Experiment Consortium. See: Cluster_mission
Digital Wave Processor operational manager on the Chinese Double Star mission. C14/25238
Zhang, Ms Y Research Associate
Zhao, Dr L Research Assistant 314/25136
Wang, Dr Y Research Associate B24