Research Students

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Name Research Topic & Supervisor Email Room/Phone
Abas, Norafizah Bio-sensing and actuation of upper extremity exoskeleton
Supervisor: Prof M Mahfouf, Dr M O Tokhi, Prof G Panoutsos
NAbas1 307
Abd Rahman, A Intelligent Systems based Modelling Image Analysis and Decision Support in ICU
Supervisors: Prof M Mahfouf, Dr H Wei
coa08ash 307
Aftab, M Fundamental developments in the computational Efficiency of Predictive Control algorithms
Supervisor: Dr A Rossiter
MSAftab1 TBC
Aftab, W Advanced methods for sensor data fusion and nonlinear estimation
Supervisor: Prof L S Mihaylova, Dr M Arvaneh
WAftab1 204
Ajiborisha, ASA Optimization and control in smart grids
Supervisors: Dr P Trodden, Dr JA Rossiter
ASAjiborisha1 204
Aflyatunova, D Advanced Systems Modelling and Optimisation in Materials Science and Engineering
Supervisors: Prof M Mahfouf, Prof G Panoutsos
DAflyatunova1 316
Alhashimy, O Game Theoretic Robot Collaborations
Supervisor: Prof S Veres, Dr I Esnaola
OAJasim1 316
Ali, Aliyuda Agent-Based Modelling for Prediction of Pressure Behaviour while Producing from Gas Condensate Reservoir
Supervisors: Dr L Guo, Prof D Coca
AAli27 316
Al Shatti, A Exoskeleton lower extremity
Supervisor: Prof M Mahfouf, Dr M O Tokhi, Prof G Panoutsos
AKAlshatti1 307
Amer, H Novel Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks Localisation in Indoor and Outdoor Environments
Supervisors: Prof L Mihaylova, Prof M Mayfield
HMAmer1 305
Anupam, A Computational Simulation of Plant-Soil-Water Processes for Design of Agricultural Production
Supervisors: Prof V Kadirkamanathan, Prof S Beerling
AAnupam1 305
Arrieta, M An Information Theoretic Approach to Cyber-Physical Systems
Supervisors: Dr I Esnaola, Dr P Trodden
MArrieta2 305
Ashley, AL Adaptive learning in brain-robot interactions
Supervisors: Dr M Arvaneh, Prof L S Mihaylova
ALAshley1 204
Asuk, AJ Distributed random convex programming for robust optimal control of large-scale systems: theory and algorithms
Supervisors: Dr P Trodden, Dr G Konstantopoulos
AJAsuk1 305
Atwya, M Interpretable Machine Learning for monitoring and optimisation of powder manufacturing processes
Supervisors: Dr G Panoutsos, Dr A Rossiter
MAtwya1 TBC
Auledas Noguera, M Autonomous Mobile Robots for Aerospace Manufacturing
Supervisor: Prof A Tiwari
MAuledasNoguera1 TBC
Azab, Ahmed Design and development of assistive robots using EMG based advanced control systems
Supervisors: Dr M Arvaneh, Prof L Mihaylova
AmmAzab1 204
Baldivieso, Pablo Robust distributed model predictive control
Supervisor: Dr P Trodden, Dr J Liu
PRBaldivieso1 316/25655
Bartzis, C Multi scale Modelling and Estimation for Manufacturing Processes
Supervisors: Prof V Kadirkamanathan, Dr B Jones
CBartzis1 316
Bashir, F Nonlinear Modelling of Incomplete Data
Supervisors: Dr H Wei, Dr V Fedun
FAABashir1 316
Beltran Perez, C Enhanced Imaging Processing with Intelligent Computation and Machine Learning Methods
Supervisor: Dr H Wei, Prof M Balikhin
CBeltranPerez1 316
Bin Abdullah, M Development of low computation adaptive Model Predictive Control and applications
Supervisors: Dr A Rossiter, Prof M Mahfouf
MAbdullah2 305
Bin Wan Daud, WMB Upper extremity EMG signal feature extraction and classification
Supervisors: Prof M Mahfouf, Dr O Tokhi, Prof G Panoutsos
WMBBinWanDaud1 307
Braitor, A Advanced control for smart and resilient dc micro-grids
Supervisors: Dr G Konstantopoulos, Prof V Kadirkamanathan
ABraitor1 D02, George Porter Building
Casbolt, W Cybersecurity of Next Generation Aircraft Engines
Supervisors: Dr I Esnaola, Dr B Jones
WGCasbolt1 B20
Chen, Ruilong Deep Learning Models and Methods for Smart Cities
Supervisors: Dr L S Mihaylova, Dr W Liu
RChen3 305
Chong, Ghai Siung A systematic study of vortex like structure in the induced magentosphere and ionosphere in Venus
Supervisors: Prof S Pope, Prof M Balikhin
gschong1 B22/ 25234
Clift, Lee Virtual Human-Robot Collaboration: developing an immersive human-robot collaboration testing environment using virtual reality tools
Supervisor: Prof A Tiwari
LAClift1 305
Colas-Marquez, R Novel Systems Engineering modelling and optimisation in materials science engineering
Supervisors: Prof M Mahfouf, Dr O Tokhi
RColas-Marquez 305
Davila Garcia, M Automatic Object and Behaviour Recognition in Video/Image Sequences
Supervisors: Prof L Mihaylova, Prof R Harrison
MDavilaGarcia1 305
De Mello, F Modelling and Analysis of Cancer Cell Dynamics from High Throughput Screening Images
Supervisors: Prof V Kadirkamanathan, Prof M Wilkinson
FLdeMello1 316
Dedeoglu, S Nonlinear hierarchical control in smart grids
Supervisors: Dr G Konstantopoulos, Prof R Harrison
SDedeoglu1 D02 (G Porter)
Diala, U Nonlinear vibration control.
Supervisors: Prof Z Lang, Dr S Pope
UHDiala1 305
Douthwaite, J SWARM Technology Coordination of Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Supervisors: Prof L Mihaylova, Prof S Veres, Dr S Zhao
JADouthwaite1 PLB B13
Doyle, M Autonomous modular reconfigurable machines
Supervisors: Dr R Gross, Dr S Anderson
MDoyle3 PLB B13
Dughman, S Efficient Predictive Control in the presence of uncertainity
Supervisors: Dr J A Rossiter, Professor M Mahfouf
SSDughman1 316
Fernandez Musoles, C GPU-Accelerated Computational Modelling and Simulation of Large-scale Biologically Realistic Models of the Fruit Fly Brain
Supervisor: Dr P Richmond, Prof D Coca
c.f.musoles A05
Gadelovits, S Advanced Control and Power Electronics for Hybrid Electrical Vehicles
Supervisors: Prof V Kadirkamanathan, Dr G Konstantopoulos
s.gadelovits 316
Gangapersad, S Using Computational Modelling to Optimise Photosynthesis
Supervisors: Prof V Kadirkamanathan, Dr B Jones, Prof A Fleming
SJGangapersad1 316
Genes, C Novel methods for reconfigurable manufacturing
Supervisors: Professor D Coca, Dr J I Esnaola
CGenes1 305
Genis Mendoza, F Task coordination in multi-agent systems under uncertainty
Supervisors: Dr G Konstantopoulos, Prof R Harrison
FGenisMendoza1 316
Giagkiozis, S Nonlinear transient structures and collisionless shocks in the Heliosphere
Supervisors: Prof M Balikhin, Dr S Pope
s.giagkiozis B22/ 25234
Giles, J Advanced Co-adaptive Brain computer interface
Supervisor: Dr M Arvaneh, Prof L Mihaylova
JGiles1 204
Gonzalez Villarreal, O Developments in nonlinear predictive control and application
Supervisors: Dr A Rossiter, Dr B Jones
OJGonzalezVillarreal1 204
Grzedzinski, K Gas Turbine Advanced Control and Monitoring
Supervisors: Dr P Trodden, Prof V Kadirkamanathan
KGrzedzinski1 B20
Gu, Yuanlin Revealing Certainties from Uncertainties through Data Mining and Data Modelling
Supervisors: Dr H Wei, Prof M Balikhin, Prof G Bigg
YGu11 305
Gu, Yue Turing Learning: Advances and Applications
Supervisors: Dr R Gross, Prof N Lawrence
YGu16 Pam Liversidge F01
Guerrero Fernandez, Juan Luis Modelling and control of wave energy devices
Supervisor: Dr JA Rossiter, Dr B Jones
j.guerrero 204
Guicherd, R Advanced model based control of gas turbine engines
Supervisor: Prof V Kadirkamanathan, Dr P Trodden, Dr A Mills
rguicherd1 B20
Gunawardena, R Nonlinear Frequency Analysis with Applications in Complex System Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis
Supervisor: Prof Z Lang, Prof T Dodd
SRAGunawardena1 305
Hall, M Modular reconfigurable robots in manufacturing
Supervisor: Dr R Gross, Dr S Miyashita
MHall4 TBC
Harding, G Modelling and Optimisation for Manufacturing Informatics
Supervisors: Prof V Kadirkamanathan, Prof G Panoutsos
GAHarding1 B20
Hartwell, A Expansion of human perception via sensory substitution for assistive robotics and healthcare
Supervisors: Dr S Anderson, Prof V Kadirkamanathan
AHartwell1 305
Hassan Basri, H Control design for space applications
Supervisors: Dr J A Rossiter, Dr M Balikhin
HBHassanBasri1 305
Hazim, M Y Integration Problems of Planning Methods in Deliberative Robotic Agents
Supervisors: Prof S Veres, Prof V Kadirkamanathan
MYHazim1 316
He, Changjiang New Psycho-physiological markers relating to Operational Function State of Humans under Load-Modelling and Real-time Control of Automation
Supervisors: Prof M Mahfouf, Dr V Fedun
CHe5 316
Hernandez Vicente, B Reconfigurable Non-centralized Model Predictive Control of UAVs
Supervisors: Dr P Trodden, Dr S Anderson
BAHernandezVicente1 316
Hodgson, Z Autonomous monitoring and prediction of marine pollution
Supervisors: Dr B Jones, Dr I Esnaola
ZHodgson1 204
Hutabarat, W Digitisation of Aerospace Manufacturing Processes
Supervisors: Prof A Tiwari, Prof Z Lang
WHutabarat1 210
James, C ESR6: Statistical shape modelling and reduced order modelling techniques for patient-specific models
Supervisors: Dr L Guo, Prof Z Lang
CAJames1 TBC
Jaramillo Avila, U Cerebellar-inspired control for autonomous systems and robotics
Supervisor: Dr S Anderson, Prof V Kadirkamanathan
cop16uj 204
Javed, M Bearing-based distributed estimation and control over robotic networks
Supervisors: Prof L Mihaylova, Prof R Harrison, Dr S Zhao
MJaved1 316
Jeavons, C Advanced cost engineering for application in high value manufacturing technology
Supervisors: Dr R Purshouse, Mr J G Heppell
C.Jeavons NA
Jin, Yixiang Human Robot Interaction for Nuclear Industry
Supervisors: Dr A Rossiter, Prof S Veres
YJin30 204
Jones, OPH Exploring the link between emulation and optimization for the robust design of complex engineered products
Supervisor: Dr R Purshouse, Prof J Oakley
OPHJones1 204
Kadochnikova, A Modelling and Identification of Complex Dynamical Systems
Supervisors: Prof V Kadirkamanathan, Prof L Mihaylova
akadochnikova1 316
Kiral, A Novel semi-active vibration isolation with applications to building and statue structures
Supervisors: Prof Z Lang, Dr S Pope
AKiral1 316
Kuzin, D Interoperability and fusion of large data for surveillance systems
Supervisors: Prof L S Mihaylova, Professor V Kadirkamanathan
DKuzin1 NA
Li, Zhenglin Advanced methods for fire and smoke detection based on video sequences
Supervisors: Prof L Mihaylova, Dr D Damian
ZLi80 305
Lim, Jae Hyun Modelling Immune Cell Dynamics for Application to Swarm Robots
Supervisors: Prof V Kadirkamanathan, Dr R Gross
JHLim2 316
Lin, Yueda Machine Learning Methods for Autonomous Systems
Supervisors: Prof L Mihaylova, Prof M Balikhin
YLin42 TBC
Longman, F Sensor data fusion of a wireless sensor network (WSN) system
Supervisors: Prof L Mihaylova, Prof D Coca
FSLongman1 305
Lupascu, C Next-Generation Spiking Neural Networks
Supervisor: Prof D Coca
CALupascu1 305
Madhavan, N AI and Machine Learning in Complex Engineering Programmes
Supervisors: Prof A Tiwari, Prof D Coca
nnmadhavan1 TBC
Mansour, S Adaptive Learning in Brain-computer Interface
Supervisor: Dr M Arvaneh
SSLMansour1 TBC
Marques, J Modular micro-robots for operation in fluidic environments
Supervisors: Dr R Gross, Dr B Jones
JVCMarques1 B13 (PLB)
McCullough, D Advanced Unmanned Surface Vehicle Autonomy
Supervisor: Dr B Jones, Dr J A Rossiter
DRMcCullough1 316
Millan Blanquel, L Intelligent Decision Systems for Autonomous Vehicles
Supervisors: Dr R Purshouse, Prof S Veres
LMillanBlanquel1 316
Morgan, B Fourth Industrial Revolution for the Value-Chain in Aerospace Manufacturing
Supervisors: Prof A Tiwari, Prof D Coca
BAMorgan2 NA
Muda, M Physics-constrained data-driven modelling and optimisation of Friction Stir Welding
Supervisors: Prof G Panoutsos, Dr J Oyekan
MZMuda1 NA
Mugali, S Data Modelling and Data Mining with Medical and Biomedical Applications
Supervisors: Dr H Wei, Dr P Sarrigiannis, Dr V Fedun
ssmugali1 305
Muniz Zavala, P Model Predictive Decisions and Control for Robotics
Supervisors: Prof S Veres, Dr JA Rossiter
PIMunizZavala1 204
Muscat, R Clinical Decision Support for Neonates
Supervisors: Professor M Mahfouf, Prof G Panoutsos
RMuscat1 305
Oara, DC Methods for robust design optimization
Supervisors: Dr Purshouse, Prof A Tiwari
coq15dco 204
Offor, K Efficient Indoor and Outdoor Localisation Using Wireless Sensor Networks
Supervisors: Prof L S Mihaylova, Prof M Mahfouf
KJOffor1 316
Onaji, I Digitisation and Control of Manufacturing Processes
Supervisors: Prof A Tiwari, Prof V Kadirkamanathan
IUOnaji 316
Ozdemir, A Sensing and coordination in massively distributed robotic swarms
Supervisors: Dr R Gross, Dr A Kolling, Dr L Guo
A.Ozdemir F01 (PLB)
Paspatis, A Advanced control of distributed generation units to develop self-protected microgrids
Supervisors: Dr G Konstantopoulos, Prof M Mayfield
APaspatis1 D03, George Porter Bdg
Perez Guagnelli, E Design of long term robotic implants
Supervisors - Dr D Damian, Dr S Anderson
ERPerezGuagnelli1 Pam Liversidge F01
Pipaliya, J Numerical modelling of the collisionless shocks
Supervisors: Dr V Fedun, Professor M A Balikhin
JPipaliya1 204 / 25657
Prabhu Haladi Ramanatha, S Data based modelling to understand Antimicrobial Resistance
Supervisors: Dr H Wei, Dr J A Rossiter
SPrabhuHalidiRamanatha1 305
Robson, J Spatiotemporal modelling and identification of the electrical activity in the heart
Supervisors: Prof V Kadirkamanathan, Dr S Anderson
JRobson3 305
Rudd-Orthner, R Artificial Intelligence for Security and Cyber Security Systems
Supervisors: Prof L Mihaylova, Dr G Konstantopoulos
RNMRudd-Orthner1 NA
Sanusi, I Health Monitoring and Controls Integration for Rolls-Royce Power Systems
Supervisors: Dr G Konstantopoulos, Dr A Mills
IESanusi1 B20
Sarbini, M Efficient distributed control using embedded processors
Supervisors: Dr A Rossiter, Dr P Trodden
MAMSarbini1 305
Sargeant, S Artificial Intelligence Technology for Cell Therapy Manufacturing
Supervisors: Prof D Coca, Dr I Barbaric
SSargeant1 305
Shi, C Completely Self Maintaining Robots
Supervisor: Prof S Veres, Dr D Damian
CShi17 204
Skirvin, S Mathematical modelling of MHD instabilities in solar jet structures
Supervisors: Dr V Fedun, Dr G Verth
SJSkirvin1 204
Stella, L Optimal control of intelligent agents communicating via a Distributed Virtualized Environment
Supervisors: Dr R Gross, Dr G Konstantopoulos
LStella1 204
Sun, Ke An Information Theoretic Approach to the Smart Grid
Supervisors: Dr I Esnaola, Prof R Harrison
KSun4 305
Tao, Yihui Probabilistic Fuzzy Reasoning in Modelling for Healthcare
Supervisor: Prof M Mahfouf
Trenkwalder, S Distributed computation in a swarm of robots
Supervisors: Dr R Gross, Dr A Kolling, Prof R Harrison
SMTrenkwalder1 F01 (PLB)
Tuft, A The Digitalisation of Machine Communication in the Wing Manufacturing Process
Supervisors: Prof A Tiwari, Dr J Oyekan
ACTuft1 NA
Tyszczuk Smith, L Multimodal Physiological Markers of Affect for Automated Depression Analysis
Supervisor: Dr M Arvaneh, Dr L Levita
LJTyszczukSmith1 305
Vandermeulen, I Multi-robot systems for logistics in unstructured environments
Supervisors: Dr R Gross, Dr A Kolling
IAVandermeulen1 B13 (PLB)
Vidal Rosas, A Neuro-Imaging Using Fluorescence DOT
Supervisors: Professor D Coca, Professor Z Lang
AVidalRosas1 305
Viggiano-Puente, C Data-driven control, operation and planning of electrical distribution networks
Supervisors: Dr P Trodden, Dr G Panoutsos
carlo.viggiano 305
Wang, Ke Nonlinear filtering and control for spacecraft navigation
Supervisor: Prof L S Mihaylova, Dr M Arvaneh
KWang19 204
Wang, Zhikun Autonomous coordination control of multiple multi-copter drones
Supervisor: Dr S Zhao, Dr R Gross
ZWang119 305
Wibowo, S Autonomous systems for engineering inspections
Supervisors: Prof T J Dodd, Dr P Trodden
SWibowo1 316
Wirth, C Toward The Next Generation Of Brain-Computer Interfaces
Supervisor: Dr M Arvaneh, Prof L Mihaylova
CWirth1 204
Worley, R Bio-Inspired Sensing and Control for Aerial Robotics
Supervisor: Dr S Anderson, Prof V Kadirkamanathan
RFWorley1 204
Wu, Kai Eivind Temporal evolution of uncertainty in model-based autonomous manufacturing systems
Supervisor: Prof G Panoutsos, Dr I Esnaola
KEWu1 204
Xi, Zhen Multi-scale and multi-objective optimisation for complex manufacturing processes
Supervisors: Prof G Panoutsos, Dr H Wei
zhen.xi 204
Yao, Xinxin Feature extraction from multivariate time series
Supervisors: Dr H Wei, Prof M Balikhin
xyao4 316
Yusuf, Hesham Autonomous defect classification for ultrasonic non-destructive testing in advanced manufacturing processes
Supervisor: Prof G Panoutsos, Dr H Wei
HAHYusuf1 305
Zhang, Di Nonlinear system modelling and analysis with applications to medical diagnosis
Supervisors: Prof Z Lang, Prof D Anumba
dzhang21 316
Zhang, Haoyu Robot Search and Pursuit Evasion
Supervisors: Prof S Veres, Prof L Mihaylova
HZhang45 PLB B13
Zhang, Manyu The Modelling and Dynamic Analysis of SUMOylation and deSUMOylation Process
Supervisors: Dr L Guo, Dr C Guo, Prof Z Lang
MZhang45 TBC
Zhang, Sikai New Structural Health Monitoring Methods and Big Data Based Implementation Techniques
Supervisors: Prof Z Lang, Dr B Jones
SZhang42 305
Zhu, Yifei Deep Learning Methods for Autonomous Classification and Decision Making
Supervisors: Prof L Mihaylova, Prof M Balikhin
YZhu42 204
Zhu, Yunpeng Application of nonlinear damping to control of vibration in machining thin walled structures
Supervisors: Prof Z Lang, Dr L Guo
YZhu53 316
Zotov, E Data Analytics driven Monitoring and Optimization of Manufacturing Processes
Supervisors: Prof V Kadirkamanathan, Prof A Tiwari
EZotov1 204