Sir Henry Stephenson Building

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The Sir Henry Stephenson Building was built in 1988 to accommodate the growing numbers of ACSE students. Currently, it is primarily used by the ACSE PhD students – giving them the space they need to complete their research.

The building was furnished with space for ACSE undergraduate students to have lectures and workrooms for project work. The building's facilities are:

  • Three lecture theatres
  • Seminar rooms
  • Four laboratories
  • Office space

ACSE students may find they have seminars or lectures in this building at some point throughout their studies with us.

History of the Building

The £1.5million building was completed in 1988 as part of the Faculty of Engineering’s expansion of the – what was then – Control Engineering and the Electronic & Electrical Engineering departments. The building was co-habited by both departments.

The building was opened in October the same year. It was named after the British Liberal politician Sir Henry Kenyon Stephenson who had served as Pro-Vice Chancellor at the University of Sheffield in 1910. Sir Henry Stephenson’s great-grandson, Mr Timothy Stephenson, was the one to open the building.