Erasmus and Study Abroad

Ever thought of spending part of your degree in another part of the world?

Many students spend part of their degree studying, working or teaching overseas. You'll experience another culture and a new way of looking at your subject. You can make new friends and grow as a person. And it's not like taking a year out - it won't extend the length of your course. The work you do and the grades you achieve count towards your degree.

There are two ways of spending time overseas as part of your degree course:

Study Abroad programme

All ACSE students can apply for the Study Abroad programme which offers the chance to spend part of your degree course studying in another country outside of the EU. You have the opportunity to study part of your degree in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore or USA.

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MEng students can choose to spend a semester of their fourth year at a European university under the Erasmus programme. We have partner universities in Germany, France, Spain, Malta, Poland, Romania, Finland and Turkey.

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Craig Hamer

"Sheffield has provided me
with the skills and knowledge throughout the first couple of years so I could hold my own."

Student Profile: Craig Hamer
Systems & Control Engineering MEng

Where are you studying abroad?
National University of Singapore - Singapore

Why did you choose to study abroad?
The opportunity was there, so I grabbed it with both hands and thought 'why not?'!

What has been the best thing?
The people I have met. The exchange programme in Singapore is huge, consisting of around 1000 students from all over the globe. It’s a great opportunity to network for the future: for somewhere to stay when you go traveling or contacts that will further your career! Oh and the free gym, free pool and cheap travel to neighbouring countries was a good bonus too.

What has been the biggest challenge?
The education system is a big change. The word ‘Kiasu’ is used a lot in Singapore, essentially meaning ‘Fear of Losing’, so it all just turns into one big competition. Although it was hard work, I felt that Sheffield has provided me with the skills and knowledge throughout the first couple of years so I could hold my own, so to speak.

What have you got out of the experience?
The chance to study at one of the top ranking universities in Asia, friends (locals & other internationals) and amazing adventures in and around South East Asia. Plus I have learned how to rollerblade, which is something you can’t really do in Sheffield because of the hills.

How has studying abroad changed you or impacted your future plans?
I have actually seen how ignorant I am with respect to languages, every exchanger, no matter where they were from (Korea, Brazil, Vietnam, Japan) could speak at least perfect conversational English! This has motivated me to seriously begin learning a language. In addition, it has actually allowed me to see that there is a lot more of the world than just the UK and I most definitely would like to work abroad in my future career.

Any other comments?
Do it, you won’t get the chance again!