We are very pleased to be able to offer financial assistance in the form of scholarships and bursaries to many of our undergraduate students.

These are our Departmental and Faculty undergraduate scholarships:

Undergraduate Academic Achievement Scholarships

The Department provides Undergraduate Academic Achievement Scholarships for all Home and EU students entering in September 2018 who achieve AAA in their A-levels (or EU equivalent).

An Undergraduate Academic Achievement Scholarship is worth £3000 of which £2000 is paid after registration and a second instalment of £1000 is paid at the end of the first year if a course average of 70% or more is achieved.

Undergraduate Academic Achievement Scholarships are distinct from the University Bursaries scheme for UK students and can be awarded on top of other bursaries you may receive from the University.

Applicants deferring entry are eligible for consideration for this award; payment will automatically be deferred until October 2019.

If you apply through UCAS for a place on one of our courses, we will send you more information about the entrance bursary scheme when we receive your application form. If you would like further details now, please contact the department.

The Amy Johnson Scholarships

To celebrate the achievements of Amy Johnson, we are pleased to announce the Amy Johnson Scholarship for entrants starting in September 2018. Women are currently under represented in Engineering, generally, and our aim is to redress this imbalance within ACSE.

For more information click here.

Faculty of Engineering Excellence Scholarship

Engineering at Sheffield is offering a number of scholarship awards to international, undergraduate students with established and continued academic excellence. Students meeting the award criteria will receive the award on entry - the amount dependent on academic achievement, as follows:

  • A*A*A* - £3000
  • A*A*A - £2000
  • A*AA - £1000

Students who maintain excellence throughout their degree (at least 70% average each year) will receive an additional £1000 award year on year.

For a self-funded student, when combined with the University Engineering International Scholarship a total fee reduction of nearly 20% is available if you remain eligible for both scholarships until the end of your course. Similarly, for sponsored students this award represents a significant enhancement and contribution toward your students.

To be eligible for an Excellence Scholarship you must:

  • satisfy the stated academic criteria above
  • be an undergraduate student
  • be classed as an international student for tuition fee purposes
  • make The University of Sheffield your first (firm) choice in the UCAS application process
  • begin study in September 2018

Eligibility Requirements

Qualifications Achievement
A Levels A*AA : Mathematics plus Physics or another acceptable Science subject. Note: A* must be for Mathematics, Further Maths, Physics or Chemistry OR - A*A*A / A*A*A*
International Baccalaureate A*AA : 38 points, 7 HL Maths and 6 HL Physics or another acceptable Science subject. A*A*A - 40 points, 7 HL maths, 7 HL physics or HL chemistry. A*A*A* : 42 points, 7 HL maths, 7 HL Physics or HL chemistry.
Indian Level 12 Secondary Certificate A*AA : 90 overall, 90 maths 90 Physics or Biology. A*AA : 93 overall, 93 maths 93 physics or biology. A*A*A* : 96 overall, 96 maths 96 physics.
HKDSE A*AA : 5* compulsory maths, 55. A*A*A : 5* compulsory maths, 5* calculus and (one other Mathematics), 5. A*A*A*, 5* Compulsory Mathematics, 5* Calculus and (one other maths), 5* in Physics or another acceptable Science subject.
Malaysia Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) 12 points for A*AA, 10 points for A*A*A and 8 for A*A*A*
Applicants must take Mathematics and at least one other science subject (Physics is preferred but we will also accept Computer Science, Chemistry, Biology, Human Biology, Electronics, Engineering, Technology and Further Maths.)
Singapore Integrated Programmes AAA : H2 to include Mathematics and Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Biology, Human Biology, Electronics, Engineering, Technology or Further Maths.

Direct entrants to Year 2

1st Year in an Engineering discipline from other institution 1st class year from 1 (pre university qualifications must match those listed in the recognised pre university qualifications for the award).
Singapore Diploma (Science and Engineering related courses) cGPA 3.70 cGPA 3.70, cGPA 3.85, cGPA 4.0

To be eligible you must:

  • Achieve A*AA / A*A*A / A*A*A* in A Level Mathematics and Physics or another acceptable science subject as listed on our prospectus.
  • Begin study in September 2018
  • Be classified as overseas for tuition fee purposes


  • Receipt of the scholarship in subsequent years of study is subject to you achieving 70% overall average mark in the previous academic year. The scholarship will be withdrawn if you fail to achieve 70% and it will not be reinstated in the following year.
  • You will not receive the scholarship during any optional or compulsory study abroad periods or year in industry.
  • The awards will not be awarded where partial funding is applicable from an external body* or there is an agreement already in place between the external body and the University of Sheffield to offer a tuition fee discount to the student.
  • For self-funded students, the scholarship will take the form of a tuition fee reduction only. For sponsored students the scholarship will be in the form of a prize.
  • The scholarship will be awarded automatically - no application is required in the first or any subsequent years.

*Disclaimer: All details were correct at the time of publication and can be subject to change.

Engineering International Scholarship 2018

We are pleased to offer the Engineering International Scholarship 2018 to all international undergraduate students starting their studies in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sheffield in September 2018.

The Engineering International Scholarship 2018 is worth £2,500 per year, subject to the following eligibility and award criteria.

Eligibility Requirements

You must commence your studies of an undergraduate degree or foundation degree in September 2018 in one of the following departments at the University of Sheffield:

  • Automatic Control & Systems Engineering
  • Chemical & Biological Engineering, Civil & Structural Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electronic & Electrical Engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Engineering Interdisciplinary Programmes Office (IPO) – Aerospace Engineering, Bioengineering, MEng Engineering.

The scholarship will be awarded automatically – no scholarship application is required in the first or any subsequent years.

Subject to meeting the eligibility and award criteria the scholarship will be guaranteed in the first year of study. The award is applicable to each subsequent academic year of study, subject to achieving 60% or above and achieving a minimum of 120 credits in the previous academic year. This excludes any years in industry or study abroad periods.

The scholarship can be awarded in-conjunction with any other University of Sheffield scholarship, discount or reward as long you do not become fully funded, for tuition fee purposes, as a result of the sum of these awards and all other eligibility and award criteria are met. The Engineering International Scholarship 2018 automatic scholarship cannot be awarded in-conjunction with an NCUK automatic award. The NCUK award will take precedence over the Engineering International Scholarship 2018.

The scholarship will take the form of a tuition fee reduction only.

You must be self-funded and classified as overseas for tuition fee purposes.

You must not be a sponsored student. A sponsored student is defined as being an individual in receipt of a total sum of funds from either the University or an external organisation** that matches or exceeds the original tuition fee required by the University.

The scholarship cannot be awarded in-conjunction with any funding (full or partial) from an external sponsor**, excluding a loan, which has to be paid back in full.
The scholarship is for full-time and part-time students only. Students studying online or via distance learning are not eligible for a scholarship.

Part-time students will receive the full value of a one year of scholarship split pro-rata over the duration of an equivalent single full-time academic year.

**Government or governmental organisation – international, national or regional; research council; charity; private enterprise; or any similar organisation.

For further information, see the Engineering Excellence scholarships webpage.

Engineering Excellence scholarships

IET Undergraduate scholarships and grants

As an undergraduate student in one of our IET accredited courses you will be eligible to apply for a range of IET sponsored scholarships and awards.

IET Undergraduate scholarships and grants

Royal Academy of Engineering Leadership Awards

The Standard Award:
Open to all British engineering undergraduates for the duration of your degree.

The Advanced Award:
Open to all second year MEng undergraduates on a four year engineering degree or third year MEng undergraduates on a five year degree.

Royal academy of engineering awards

Additional University Bursaries and Funding

Additional financial support from the University is available to help you pay for your studies. You'll find a lot more information on these pages:

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