What AS and A2's (or equivalent) did you study?

When taking my A Levels, I wasn't quite sure what specific course I wanted to apply for as I was interested in so many different things such as robotics, artificial intelligence and neurology... so I took all the science subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Maths.

Why did you choose ACSE?

I was offered a scholarship from Shell in my home country of Brunei, and out of all the courses they offered the one that appealed to me the most was Mechatronics, so I started doing more research on it. I soon found out that Mechatronics was what I'd been searching for, as I've always been really interested in robotics even as a child. When I was doing my research on universities offering Mechatronics, I found that The University of Sheffield had a department dedicated to Control and Systems Engineering and is home to Sheffield Robotics.

Favourite part of the BEng?

My favourite part of the BEng was the final year project. It gave us the chance to apply the knowledge gained over the three year course and carry out further research more independently. Throughout the project timeline, I learnt how to manage my time well and improve my task prioritisation. The project gave me a chance to apply the theoretical knowledge obtained in lectures and from literature in a real-life situation. It also gave me a chance to explore a research topic that really interested me, neuroprosthetics. I had the opportunity to implement and test a gesture classification pattern recognition algorithm. This has inspired me to keep going and I will definitely try to build my own prosthetic arm from scratch someday!

ACSE has given me the right foundations for starting a career as an engineer as well as helping me gain confidence in my own abilities and knowledge.

Adibah Mohamed

Future career goals?

As for now, I will be working for Shell in my home country (Brunei Shell Petroleum), I am planning to then pursue further studies in Computational Intelligence & Robotics. Hopefully also in the University of Sheffield. I am very determined to keep learning and to keep pursuing my dream to carry out research in robotics and artificial intelligence and to see how these areas could play a big role in the medical sector.

Favourite things about ACSE?

There's just so much I love about ACSE! My favourite things about ACSE include the experienced, knowledgeable yet friendly and approachable lecturers, the practical aspects of the course from group labs, to more individual labs and not forgetting to mention the Rapids prototyping module which gives a hands-on approach to learning how to apply control theory to get a real system to behave according to a set of requirements. My overall favourite modules of the course were Intelligent systems, Robotics & Biomechatronics.

Best part of living in Sheffield?

What I love about Sheffield is that everything is easily accessible. Being a muslim student my main concerns were the availability of halal food and prayer facilities. The University and Sheffield in general has a community that is really diverse and very much welcoming to people of all cultural backgrounds. Halal food is easily found along west street near Mappin building which is where most engineering students go for lectures and the university has prayer facilities in the IC, Mappin and even the new Diamond Building. The city centre is within walking distance from the central student areas and there's a tram that can take you straight to Meadowhall if shopping is one of your priorities. The tram can also get you to the ice-skating arena and valley centertainment (for bowling, movies, arcades, mini golf, laser tag and good food). In conclusion, Sheffield is a nice city that has given me a home away from home and I miss it dearly.

How will ACSE help you in the future?

ACSE has given me the right foundations for starting a career as an engineer as well as helping me gain confidence in my own abilities and knowledge. I feel that my course is highly applicable in many different areas such as oil & gas, manufacturing, aviation, robotics and also medicine. This will give me the ability to further expand my skills and experience in many different fields. I'm excited to see what else can be made possible!