Edward Ireland-Jones came to ACSE in September 2016 through Clearing. Since beginning his studies at the University of Sheffield, Ed has got involved in a range of new things, including becoming the Station Manager for Forge TV.

Why did you apply to ACSE through Clearing?

I decided to use clearing after missing my offer from both my firm and insurance offers, as I got a grade lower than predicted in all my subjects. I took a while to decide to go through clearing. After taking advice, I decided that seeing as I had been planning on going to uni I should contact departments with courses that interested me and see what offer they could make me while I had the opportunity, rather than taking a gap year.

Don't play down any experience you might have or things that might be in your favour.

Edward Ireland-Jones

What A Levels did you take?

I studied Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Further Maths at A Level with Art to AS level and I had applied for very similar courses, in fact I had previously applied to Sheffield to do the MEng version of the course I ended up getting on to.

What degree did you apply to?

In the end, through Clearing, I applied for Mechatronics and Robotics BEng.

What was the biggest worry about applying through Clearing?

I was worried that I was rushing into a decision I wasn't sure about. It wasn't what I had set my heart on previous to results day. I hadn't realised at that point how awesome a city Sheffield is. Had I known other students already at Sheffield or known more about the city I might have been less concerned.

How did the University and ACSE help?

ACSE and the University were amazing when it came to clearing. The people on the phones were really great and really patient, explaining the process really clearly. They explained how the application worked and when I could expect to hear back by.

If you have any questions about the university or the process, I would recommend writing them down first because you will in all likelihood be given the opportunity to ask so if you have anything you want to be answered by real students that's your best opportunity.

What advice would you give to student applying through Clearing?

Definitely go for it. It’s a case of don't ask don't get, or at least if you don't inquire you will never know. Make sure you ask about whatever you want to do the most and, only once you’re sure that's not available, start to think about other options.

Make sure you sell yourself too. Don't play down any experience you might have or things that might be in your favour. The clearing application is a covering letter and CV all in one so make sure that all the things that make you stand out are mentioned, you never know what might help!