Jake RoskillyJake Roskilly

MEng Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering

I am currently studying Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering in the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering (ACSE) which has provided me with the insight to the physical dynamics of a range of systems from biological to digital.

ACSE has enabled me to look at everyday objects differently and given me a view towards solving the problems of the future. I’m originally from a fairly large town in Sussex. When I first arrived in Sheffield I would say the biggest challenge was being so far away from home, my friends and my family. The University and the department of ACSE made the transition process much more comfortable especially the students union. They provided so many opportunities to be involved with like-minded individuals, this made me feel at home a lot sooner than expected. If you have any interests there will definitely be somewhere to do it in Sheffield, with a diverse nightlife and the peaks offering great scenery.

ACSE has enabled me to look at everyday objects differently and given me a view towards solving the problems of the future.

My favourite aspect of being a member of ACSE is the support and relations I have with the staff. In my second week I raised my hand and the lecturer already knew my name, meaning she’d taken the time to try and remember the names of hundreds of new students. If I cross paths with staff members we often have short conversations about how things are going and it really makes me feel like a valued member of the department. The department has broadened my horizons with a number of core skills that can be applied in a number of fields. Mathematics and data analytics along with programming allows you to explore options outside of engineering. I personally want to go into manufacturing and ACSE has shown me the future potential for green, safe and economical factories.

I decided to become a student ambassador as I truly believe a big contributor to my enjoyment of University has been the department and course I study. This role gives me the opportunity to give back to the department as well as helping my peers and prospective students get the most out of their time here. I enjoy meeting prospective students as they are eager to learn what control and systems is. Being able to offer that insight and talk about it related to their specific interests is great and personally it highlights how much I have developed during my time here.