Tell us a bit about yourself. What course are you studying and why?

I am from Kenya, studying a MEng in Computer Systems Engineering. The reason I opted for this course was due to the wide subject area it covers, from robotics to electronics to programming to modelling, control and simulation. As I was not too sure which field I really wanted to focus more on, I decided to go for Computer Systems Engineering because I did not want to just specialise in one particular area, rather I wanted to get a feel of multiple disciplines which can then aid me in the future.

What made you want to come to ACSE?

That made me want to go to ACSE was the ability to learn from different subject areas. Another reason that I chose ACSE was the fact that I could easily switch between my course and the other courses taught by ACSE. This was important for me since I could still have the option to change in case I did not like my current modules and my degree programme as I was still hesitant at the start of my first year.

By working on a range of projects, I have a better feel of what I would like to go into and what I enjoy most as well.

Jay Karania

What was the biggest challenge you face when you first arrived?

The biggest challenge for me was cultural shock/change. This is because the culture here in the UK is very different from Kenya, most of the travel is by foot, more coursework and projects than just exams and a lot of independent studying. However, after a few days or within a week I was almost used to the culture here and it all got easier.

What has been the best thing about the University/ACSE so far?

The best thing about University has been getting to meet different people and get to learn about different cultures and sharing experiences with other people. The best thing about ACSE has been the freedom to work on range of projects. Some projects include: building a robot from scratch, programming a Lego robot to perform certain tasks, building and testing a power management system, designing a Maglev ball system, and other projects. By working on a range of projects, I have a better feel of what I would like to go into and what I enjoy most as well.

How will your studies with ACSE help you in the future?

By studying with ACSE I can go into multiple fields such as electronics, software design, control design, and modelling and data analysis. This is great as I can work in different fields, gain experience, and even switch between fields within a company. It can help me in the new digital age also known as Internet of Things were everything is automated or controller by computers. I can also go into banking and finance by working as a data analytics.

Was living in Sheffield a big difference from your home town?

Living in Sheffield was a big difference from my home town. There is a lot of freedom here and a lot of more choice in everything. Another big difference was the weather. Lots of rain and winds and temperatures dropping to almost 0 degrees Celsius which was initially difficult for me to adjust as I come from a tropical country where the temperature is between 22 to 30 degrees.