Srijith - MEng Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering

Srijith is studying the MEng Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering with a Year in Industry. This degree can be studied as a three year BEng or a four year MEng. It can also be studied with a Year in Industry or a study abroad year.

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About the degree

It's very much a course which takes the things that mechanical engineers do, things that electrical engineers do, etc and puts them all into one system, almost.

One of the things that is interesting about ACSE is that initially, you go into it and you don't sometimes know how things come together. Probability for instance. You have one thing from probability in the maths module and you won't really know why it's useful. And then a few weeks later you end up doing it in another module and it's like "That's... cool. It works! How did that happen?"

Project work

One of the projects we did, actually, it was a greenhouse simulator, on C++. It basically, gets you to simulate sensors, actuators and it was a really tricky project to do. I was working hard and getting it to look lovely, to work properly. And then I finished it and showed it for the demo. I just explained everything. And she was like "yeah, sound". That was one of the things that I'm most enjoyed about it. The whole coding aspect.

A year in industry

I think the year in industry is going to be really special. Because it's something where I want to be able to experience engineering in a real situation. Because it's incredible being able to put things, from learning theory
and understanding all of that. But actually being able to put that into real-life situations would be something unique. I should be able to figure out, almost, what I want to do in the future.