Originally Victoria Johnson wanted to study a BA in Illustration, but things did not go the way she thought. After getting her A Level results, she had to make the decision to re-take her A-Levels or go into Clearing. She decided to go into Clearing and called the Clearing Hotline at the University of Sheffield.

With her A-Levels in Art and Design, Mathematics and Physics, Victoria went down a different route and decided to go into a STEM subject instead.

I received a prompt and clear response about the courses I could take, the decisions I had to make and I was given time to think about my choices.

Victoria Johnson

It was through Clearing that she chose to study Mechatronic and Robotics with the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering at the University of Sheffield.

Victoria already had an interest in the Mechatronic and Robotics course as it combined both Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering together, while also offering her the chance to learn how to programme. As well as the course content, Victoria was interested by the IET accreditation of the Department which meant that after completing her degree, she could become a chartered engineer.

She would also have the option to transfer from the BEng in Mechatronic and Robotics to the MEng and between the departmental programmes.

With her A-Levels in Mathematics and Physics, she was able to adjust to the course quickly as these A-Levels gave her the knowledge to understand the key content of modules, especially in the Systems Engineering Mathematics and Modelling modules.