Alumni profiles

Studying Aerospace at Sheffield opens up a whole range of career possibilities. While most go into the engineering industry, there are many others that have chosen a different career path in finance, computing or started their own business. Read our selection of alumni profiles to find out more.

Josie Colclough (NEW)

jc-thumb Graduated: 2016
Job title:Repair Design Engineer
Company: Airbus

"I was awarded Airbus Graduate of the Year 2018".

Adam Harris (NEW)

AHarris3-webthumbGraduated: 2015
Job title: Development Engineer
Company: EnerSys ABSL Space Products

"The course provided me with the breadth of understanding in these areas and allows me to have technical discussions with experts from my organisations customers such as the European Space Agency, NASA and Thales."

Matthew Cooper (NEW)


Graduated: 2018
Job title: Associate
Company: Deloitte

"While my current role is not engineering, the methods of working and the skills needed are very similar and the change into a different industry hasn't felt difficult. I believe this is definitely enabled by the fact that aerospace is a multidisciplinary course, where you also gain some experience in law and accounting, as well as in project-based work."

Craig Locke

Craig LockeGraduated: 2008
Job title: Senior Applications Engineer
Company: Caterpillar

"The final year project allowed me to identify my strength in technical project management, which has really shaped my career since."

Meg Orloff

Meg OrloffGraduated: 2014
Job title: Data Analytics and Assurance Associate
Company: PwC

"I'm aiming to develop my interests in Machine Learning and other upcoming trends, and focus my work on data visualisation and analytics."

Salma Dwikartika

Salma DwikartikaGraduated: 2017
Job title: Graduate Mechanical Engineer
Company: Safran Landing Systems

"The links between the University and industry is the one the reasons why Sheffield is a great place to study Aerospace Engineering."

Matt Barrett

Matt BarrettGraduated: 2016
Job title: Chief Executive Officer
Company: Handy Fasteners

"I set up Handy Fasteners with two other alumni. It’s a clothing fastening retrofitting company which aims to help people with limited dexterity."

Mina Zakher

Mina ZakherGraduated: 2016
Job title: Graduate Engineer
Company: Nissan Technical Centre Europe

"I joined the R&D graduate schemeat Nissan. Since then I've been working to ensure each vehicle meets its safety targets."