You are strongly recommended to check the coursework submission deadlines in advance. You can find the coursework weightings in the module descriptions.

It is important that you hand in all coursework, including laboratory reports. This work will reinforce what you have been taught in the lectures and laboratory classes, and will add to the marks that you are awarded for a particular module. Although the mark awarded for coursework may be only a small proportion of the overall marks available for a particular module, attaining marks for coursework can make the difference between passing and failing a module if you have not performed well in the associated written examination. You can find the coursework weightings in the online module description.

Failure to submit coursework for any module will be noted and can result in disciplinary proceedings. Late submission of coursework will incur a penalty.

Coursework submission

Submission instructions will differ depending on the module. You may be required to submit paper copies of your assignment to the Interdisciplinary Engineering Office, or you may be asked to submit your work electronically via Turnitin on MOLE. You will be provided with further instructions by the module leader before your submission deadline.