Extenuating circumstances

What are extenuating circumstances?

During your studies, you may experience personal or health problems, which have a negative impact on your academic performance; these are classed as extenuating circumstances.

These can include:

  • Serious short term illness/accident
  • A deterioration or fluctuation of a disability or long term health condition
  • Bereavement
  • Significant adverse personal/family circumstances
  • Other significant circumstances e.g. being a victim of crime

These should be reported if they result in:

  • Absence from any timetabled lab
  • Absence from any compulsory element of the course
  • Absences of 7 days or more
  • Late or non-submission of coursework
  • Impacted performance in exams or assessment

Extenuating circumstances guidance

How to report extenuating circumstances

It is important that you report any extenuating circumstances as soon as you can. Any information you submit will be treated as confidential and will not be used for any other purpose.

Extenuating circumstances forms covering labs and/or extensions are considered within 5 working days and you will be contacted by email to confirm any action that has been approved.

Extenuating circumstances forms which cannot be considered straight away e.g. covering exams, ongoing circumstances and results will be considered by the Extenuating Circumstances Committee who meet after each examination period. They will then decide on the most appropriate action to be taken for you.

It is important that you submit appropriate supporting documentation with your extenuating circumstances form. If you are unsure what type of evidence is appropriate please contact aerosupport@sheffield.ac.uk for advice. Forms submitted without supporting documentation may not be taken into account. We will inform you of the deadline for submission of extenuating circumstances prior to each exam period; late forms may not be considered.

Extenuating circumstances form

Submitting extenuating circumstances

In person: Interdisciplinary Engineering, D27, George Porter Building

Email: aerosupport@sheffield.ac.uk.

Note: If you request a medical note from the University Health Service, you will need to collect this from them and then submit it to Interdisciplinary Engineering Office, D27, George Porter Building or email it to aerosupport@sheffield.ac.uk. It will not automatically be sent to us by them.