Assessment feedback

Academic staff will provide you with feedback on assignments and other learning activities. This feedback is intended to enhance your learning by helping you to reflect on your current or recent level of attainment so that you can then improve. It is intended to be a two-way process between you and the academic staff teaching you.

Feedback may be provided individually or in groups. It may be specific (based on your own individual work) or generic (based on issues common to the work of all students in the class). It may be handwritten, face-to-face, or delivered in other forms (e.g. electronically via MOLE, in audio files, or email). 

The timing, delivery method, and format of feedback will vary for each module but should follow the University's Principles of Feedback.

We expect you to:

  • Respond to the feedback you receive on your work and seek out support from academic staff to do this if necessary.
  • Ask questions and develop a relationship with your lecturers, Personal Tutor, and supervisors so that they can best support you.