Module Descriptions 2019-20


This page is in the process of being updated for 2019-20. All information will be correct by Autumn Semester 2019-20.

These modules are ordered alphabetically, not by level.

ACS130 Intro to Systems Engineering & Software

ACS1321 Introduction to Systems Analysis & Control

ACS230 Control Systems Design & Analysis

ACS232 Signals, Systems & Communications

ACS317 State Space Control Design

ACS321 Digital Signal Processing

ACS327 Space Systems Engineering

ACS336 Hardware-in-the-Loop & Rapid Control Prototyping

ACS402 Industrial Training Programme: Avionics

ACS6116 Advanced Industrial Control

ACS6121 Robotics & Autonomous Systems

ACS6124 Multisensor & Decision Systems

ACS6126 Advanced Space Systems & Space Weather

ACS6127 Real-Time Embedded System

AER104 Engineering Statics & Dynamics

AER107 Avionic Systems

AER120 Introduction to Aerospace Design

AER123 Introduction to Electric Circuits

AER192 Engineering Solids, Liquids & Gases

AER201 Mathematics for Aerospace Engineers

AER223 Introduction to Electronic Circuits

AER2350 Materials Selection & Fracture Mechanics

AER284 Aerostructures

AER291 Dynamics of Aerospace Structures & Machines

AER293 Applied Aerospace Thermodynamics

AER298 Aerospace Fluids Engineering

AER299 Ground & Flight Training

AER301 Aerospace Group Design Project: Design

AER302 Aerospace Group Design Project: Build and Test

AER324 Aircraft Dynamics

AER325 Aerodynamic Design

AER330 Aerospace Metals

AER345 Aero Propulsion

AER380 Aircraft Design

AER410 Industrial Training Programme (ITP): Propulsion

AER444 Advanced Manufacturing

AER4447 Industrial Training Programme: Aerospace Materials

AER476 Design & Manufacture of Composites

AER6000 Aerospace Group Design Project: Build and Test (MSc)

AER6001 Aerospace Group Design Project: Design (MSc)

AER6550 MSc Individual Investigative Project

COM161 Introduction to Programming

COM3190 Theory of Distributed Systems

COM364 Logic & Computation

COM4506 Testing & Verification in Safety Critical Systems

EEE223 Electrical Energy Management & Conversion

EEE224 Communication Electronics

EEE309 Introduction to Digital Signal Processing

EEE334 Antennas, Radar & Navigation

EEE6012 Antennas, Radar & Navigation

EEE6202 Energy Storage Management

EEE6203 Motion Control & Servo Drives

EEE6220 Electronic Communication Technologies

EEE6221 Data Coding Techniques for Communication & Storage

EEE6222 Principles of Communications

Final Year Project

MAS156 Mathematics (Electrical & Aerospace)

MAT1643 Introduction to Mechanical Properties of Structural Materials

MAT2730 Selection & Processing of Aerospace Materials

MAT306 Composite Materials & Micromechanics]

MAT6333 Aerospace Metals

MEC209 Design of Structures, Machines & Systems

MEC303 Advanced Engineering Thermodynamic Cycles

MEC304 Manufacturing Systems

MEC312 Advanced Mechanics of Solids

MEC313 Finite Element Techniques

MEC320 Computational Fluid Dynamics

MEC327 Structural Vibrations

MEC328 Managing Engineering Projects and Teams

MEC442 Managing Innovation and Change in Engineering Context

MEC445 Industrial Applications of Finite Element Analysis

MEC449 Advanced Engineering Fluid Dynamics

MEC452 Advanced Dynamics

MEC462 Aviation Safety and Aeroelasticity

MEC463 Advanced Aerospace Propulsion Technology

MGT388 Finance & Law for Engineers