Student community

You are part of a vibrant community of students. Getting involved in the activities and events on offer can not only be a great way to get to know new people, it can also complement your academic learning and enhance your CV.

Student feedback

Student feedback

We value your feedback. There are lots of ways in which you can share your thoughts about your course.

Student reps

The University places great value on the opinions of its students and there are opportunities for you to get involved to have your say and also to represent the views of other students.

Student Reps will sit on the Aerospace Engineering Student Staff Committee and the Faculty of Engineering Student Staff Committee. At the beginning of Autumn Semester, we will put out a call for applications and your peers will then be given the opportunity to vote for their chosen representative. At least two representatives from each year of the course is required, ideally from each stream.

Participation as a Student Rep and attendance at Student Staff Committees is recognised by the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

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The Students' Union also offers opportunities to become an academic rep

SU academic representation 

Student Staff Committee

This committee brings together student representatives and relevant academic staff. Getting involved will enable you to join in discussions and decision making ranging across topics including:

  • The quality of teaching
  • Planning of curriculum changes
  • Departmental services (e.g. coursework submission arrangements, office opening times, study facilities, etc.)
  • Improving channels of communication with students

The committee meets twice a semester and is able to act to resolve minor issues or report significant issues arising from its discussions to the Aerospace Engineering Board of Studies or the Faculty of Engineering Student Forum, as appropriate.

Here are the Staff/Student Committee meeting minutes from 2018-2019:

Faculty Student Staff Committee

The faculty Staff Student Committee meets two or three times a year and is an opportunity for faculty staff and students to discuss faculty-wide issues in a fairly informal way. An undergraduate student representative from each department sits on the Faculty Student Staff Committee, which means the issues raised at departmental level can be considered at Faculty level.

Course evaluation

You will be asked to complete an online questionnaire about each module that you take as well as each year of your programme as a whole. Your feedback and comments are very important to us as they let us know what is going well and if there are things that should be changed. This ensures that we continue to offer a high quality programme. We will inform you of how the department plans to address any issues that are raised through these questionnaires.

Other ways to feedback

We encourage all students to get in touch if they are having issues with the course to allow us to solve any immediate problems or to consider future changes. If you have feedback, you can communicate with your Student Reps or you can contact the Aerospace Support Team at

What action has been taken?

We record all changes that we make in response to student feedback.

You Said, We Did

Faculty Aerospace Network

Faculty Aerospace Network (FAN)

An image of the FAN logo The Faculty Aerospace Network (FAN) aims to raise the profile of the excellent aerospace  research and teaching community within the University and provides a forum for those who have a genuine interest in aircraft and space. It is made up of a community of Aerospace Engineering students, staff, research associates and industry partners. FAN was launched in 2015 in response to student feedback. The aim of FAN is to:

  • Bring the aerospace community together
  • Share knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm for the aerospace industry
  • Create new research opportunities
  • Develop new and existing partnerships with external organisations

FAN will deliver a series of engaging activities throughout the year. These activities will range from technical seminars from industry leaders through to networking and social events. For any enquiries about FAN or suggestions for events and activities you would like to be run, please contact

Student societies

Student societies

Student societies play a unique role in providing cultural, social, and educational opportunities for students at the University of Sheffield. Joining student societies will allow you to make friends, attend conferences and competitions, and enhance your CV.

Aerosoc  Simurq Aeronautics Society  Find a student society  Start a student society
Student Societies Funding


Higher Education Achievement Report

Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

HEAR is a recognised degree transcript that the University gives to all undergraduates to provide you with a comprehensive record of your University learning and experience – both academic and extra-curricular.

You can view your HEAR electronically via My Services in MUSE. It can be a useful tool to help you review your progress and plan what you want to achieve during your time here, for example, with your personal tutor or a Careers Advisor.

HEAR Activities which count towards your HEAR 

Funding for Student Competitions

Funding for Student Competitions & Conferences

Interdisciplinary Engineering is able to provide funding to support students participating in academic-related competitions or attending academic-related conferences. To apply for this funding, please complete the below form.

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