Aims & Objectives

By week 5 you should have met with your supervisor at least once but probably 2 or 3 times. Together you should have finalised your title (which may be different from the project you applied for after discussions about the direction you would both like the project to take). You should also understand what the key aims of the project are, and what needs to be completed by the end of each semester.

Based on these meetings fill in the Aims & Objectives sheet above, attach a project plan, and obtain the signature of your supervisor.

The project plan should be a detailed breakdown of the project into specific tasks (probably based on the objectives) and appropriate timings/deadlines, e.g. a Gantt chart. Make sure you include time for report writing, vacations and contingency in your project plan. The project planning report is not marked, however if you don’t submit it 10% of your final mark will be deducted.

Download the Aims & Objectives sheet

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