Project Selection

You will be provided with a list of projects available to you, based on your stream of study. Each project in the list will show the following information:

  • Project title
  • Project number
  • Brief description
  • Supervisor name & email address
  • Supervisor department
  • Prerequisites required to choose the project
  • Possible additional information about skills the student is required to have
  • Whether ethical approval is required
  • The maximum number of students that may take the project

You will be asked via email to choose your top choices of project at the end of Semester 2 in your penultimate year. Before submitting your project choices you should contact the supervisor of each project you wish to choose to discuss your choice.

Students will be allocated to projects at the beginning of September, after resit results are published.

Allocation takes into account ranked student choices, how many students can be accommodated on each project, and how many students each supervisor can supervise. It is a fair, anonymised method that optimises results to allocate the most students to their preferred projects.

Although we make every effort to do so, it may not be possible to allocate all students to one of their top choices.

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