Interim Report

This should be read in conjunction with the Marking Scheme.
Submit your Interim report through Turnitin.

Interim Progress Report should include:
The interim report is primarily focused on the project formulation, background, a short literature review or market survey etc. (depending on the project). It should include work completed so far and a project plan. The word/page count for the Interim Report is outlined in the Assessment Information & Deadlines table. There is plenty of space for calculations/figures/images/design sketches/flow charts etc.

Interim Reports should include the following:

  • Introduction/background to project/problem statement/scope of problem/design brief or research question (as appropriate for your project.) In other words, it should broadly explain the motivation behind your project.
  • Updated aim(s) and objectives. Objectives should be more specific actions that you expect to carry out (e.g. simulate, test, compare). At the end of the project it should be possible to assess which objectives have been met.
  • A highly condensed literature review (most projects will need this and how big this is depend on the project). We understand that there might not be much literature for some projets. The balance between literature review and technical work progress will vary between projects and this should be discussed with the supervisor. Any literature review should provide a brief summary of relevant work for the project and provide motivation for the proposed work.
  • A description of work completed so far towards the aim/objectives and include a description of the methodology you are using to achieve the aims/objectives. This might include theory, CFD/FEA/control methods etc. Also include any preliminary simulations, experiments, models etc. You are trying to demonstrate progress not perfect results at this stage.
  • A short self review of the progress you are making in the project.
  • A Gantt/project planning chart. This should include a plan of work to be completed for the rest of the project as well as a reasonable estimation of how long each sub activity will take and should be an updated version of the plan submitted with your Aims and Objectives submitted earlier in the semester.
  • References. Please discuss which system to use with your supervisor.


You can use the interim report as a basis for the final report. It is expected that to a greater or lesser extent, material from the interim report will be used in the final report. You will not be penalized for self-plagiarism for reusing text from the interim report in the final report.

Supervisors will provide overall guidance on the final report and comments on a single draft of the report. They will not provide detailed editing and their comments will be more general about the overall structure and content. It is strongly recommended you discuss the proposed report structure with your supervisor before starting writing.

If you would like formatting guidelines, please refer to the Final Year Project Templates section, however this is not compulsory for the Interim Report. 

Your Interim Report should be submitted through Turnitin on the FYP MOLE page.

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