Supervisor & Project Support

Project Supervision Meetings and Communication

All projects and students have an academic project supervisor. Students are expected to pro-actively arrange meetings with their supervisor, as necessary, to ensure that these meetings occur at least once every 3 weeks.

You are expected to act professionally when arranging meetings, arriving promptly, and providing your project supervisor with as much notice as possible if you are unable to attend. Your project supervisor will keep a record of your attendance at meetings.

If you are having difficulty contacting your project supervisor, you should contact Aerospace Support ( the first instance, and subsequently the module leader if the problem continues. Please remember that academic staff are often busy and sometimes away from the office. They may not be able to respond to emails on the same day so give a reasonable time (at least a week) before contacting Aerospace Support.


MASH - Mathematics & Statistics Help

MASH is a free service available to all students requiring help with any maths and statistics relating to their course or research. Several core services are offered to students to help develop learning skills such as:

  • One-to-one support from tutors
  • Drop-in facility to help
  • Appointments for targeted support (for individuals or small groups)
  • Study room with resources and tutors to help
  • Help using maths and statistics software e.g SPSS, Excel and Matlab
  • Online material for self-study
  • Online diagnostic testing
  • Targeted provision and workshops in key topics

Click here for the MASH website.

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