Project Timeline

See the Assessment Information & Deadlines page for all hand-in dates and deadlines.

Autumn Semester

First part of the Autumn semester until the Aims & Objectives hand-in (week 5):

  • Aims and objectives
  • Support with detailed literature survey work

Week 1 or 2

  • Meet your project supervisor to form initial contact and discuss the project
  • Discuss the project area and gain advice on what to focus on
  • Undertake background reading to gain further knowledge on the project area
  • Formulate specific aims and objectives relevant to the project plan

By Week 4

Finalise project aims and objectives and effectively plan your project using the following guide:

A general statement outlining what the project is about. More specific statements on what you expect to achieve in the project. They are usually presented as a bullet point list of statements such as design, simulate, manufacture, test, compare etc. At the end of the project you should be able to look back at the objectives and say whether or not you have achieved them.

The project plan should be a detailed breakdown of the project into specific tasks (probably based on the objectives) and appropriate timings/deadlines, e.g. a Gantt chart. Make sure you include time for report writing, vacations and contingency in your project plan.

The project planning report is not marked, however if you don’t submit it 10% of your final mark will be deducted.

Weeks 5-11

  • Further reading
  • Experimental design
  • Initial experiments
  • Start writing the final report as soon as is reasonable

Ensure you leave enough time to write the interim report and receive feedback from your supervisor. It is strongly recommended that you discuss your plans for the interim report with your supervisor before writing it.

The exact nature and balance of the work will vary between projects and should be discussed with your supervisor. This work will be summarised in the interim report submitted by week 11. It is expected that by the time you submit your interim report you will have made a solid start to your project and will be making progress with the actual work.

Weeks 12–15

Although you will have to concentrate on your revision and examinations, especially in weeks 13-15, you should continue to engage with your project if you have time. This is particularly true if you have a gap in your timetable once your examinations finish. This will ensure continuity in your project.

Spring Semester

  • Continue your project
  • Continue reading relevant literature
  • Undertake the work (simulations, experiments etc)
  • Work on writing the final report.

You should meet your project supervisor in Week 1 to receive feedback on your interim report and progress to date. Return to working on your project again after the exam period.

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