Year three

Welcome to Year 3. We hope you have an enjoyable and successful year.

For BEng students, your thoughts will inevitably turn to what you will do when you graduate. Whether you want to apply for jobs or are considering postgraduate study, there is lots of information and support available.

By now you should be settled into life as a student on the Aerospace Engineering course. But do remember, that the staff are here to help you. If you are experiencing problems with the course, or there are factors affecting your ability to study, you should not hesitate to seek help.

Personal tutorials

Personal tutorials

Your personal tutor has a pastoral role and acts as your tutor for the whole of your time at University. They should be informed of any problems or difficulties you may be having, including health, disability, domestic, and personal problems which may affect your performance on the course or in your exams. Your Personal Tutor will also be able to provide references for you upon graduation.

Regular meetings with your Personal Tutor will be timetabled to take place throughout the semester.

Aerospace Engineering Personal Tutor Groups 2019-20

Aerospace Engineering Personal Tutor Guidance 2019-20

Personal Tutoring in Engineering Guide

If you are struggling to get in touch with your Personal Tutor you must inform us by emailing Michelle Deakin at

Attendance at all personal tutorials is compulsory.

BEng Final Year Project

BEng Final Year Project

This final year project is an opportunity to take the lead on a specialised research project. You will build on the technical knowledge gained during your taught modules as you apply your experience and skills to a specific problem area.

Final Year Project

MEng Group Design Project

MEng Group Design Project

MEng students will work in teams on this project to tackle a challenging engineering problem.

The aim of the project is to give you the opportunity to apply and develop your knowledge and skills. A key part of this is working with your peers, giving you the opportunity to develop your team working skills.

You are expected to demonstrate a high level of initiative and independence on the project, as well as skills in creative and critical thinking, analysis, reflection, project management and communication.

The project is very different from many of your taught modules where the lecturer takes the lead in your learning. As a group, you will be expected to take the lead and the module leader will provide overall guidance and support.

AER301 Aerospace Group Design Project: Design Module Description

AER302 Aerospace Group Design Project: Build and Test Module Description

Flight lab course

Flight Laboratory Course at Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA Flying Day)

During the second semester you will undertake a flight laboratory course at Doncaster Sheffield Airport run by The Yorkshire Aero Club.

The aim of the course is to demonstrate how the performance and handling qualities of a real aircraft can be measured, and, where applicable, compared with airworthiness requirements.

The course will provide practical demonstrations of theoretical concepts covered in AER324. The flight laboratory course is formally assessed by a written assignment as part of AER324.

Important Note:

It is crucially important that you engage with all aspects of the Flight Laboratory Course. Passing this course is a formal requirement of your degree programme. If you do not pass this course you will not be eligible for an accredited degree. The Briefing and Debrief are both compulsory and attendance will be taken. If you do not attend the Briefing you will not be permitted to fly, or attend the the Flight Laboratory Course Flying Day at Doncaster Sheffield Airport. If there are any medical or other circumstances which may affect your ability to take this course, then you should seek advice from staff at the earliest opportunity.

Key Dates for Your Diary:

Date Events Location Time
Monday 2nd March 2020 Briefing in Sheffield St Georges Church 3pm - 6pm
Monday 9th March 2020 Flight Laboratory Course Flying Day at Doncaster Sheffield Airport Flight Laboratory Course Flying Day at Doncaster Sheffield Airport TBC
Tuesday 10th March 2020 Flight Laboratory Course Flying Day at Doncaster Sheffield Airport (Transport provided) Coach meeting point: Rockingham Street TBC
Wednesday 11th March 2020 Flight Laboratory Course Flying Day at Doncaster Sheffield Airport (Transport provided) Coach meeting point: Rockingham Street TBC
Thursday 12th March 2020 Flight Laboratory Course Flying Day at Doncaster Sheffield Airport (Transport provided) Coach meeting point: Rockingham Street TBC
Friday 13th March 2020 Flight Laboratory Course Flying Day at Doncaster Sheffield Airport (Transport provided) Coach meeting point: Rockingham Street TBC
Friday 20th March 2020 Debrief at Sheffield  TBC 3pm -6pm

Allocation of flying dates (Link TBC)

Please ensure that you keep all dates free. You will be allocated to one of the Flight Test Course Dates. These allocations have been made taking into account your timetables to minimise impact to your lectures. You should also ensure that you are free to attend the backup dates which are in place if, for example, bad weather or mechanical failure prevented any of the other Flight Test dates from taking place.

 Important Flight Test Course Information - PLEASE READ

Forms Requiring Completion:
You will need to complete the following forms; Code of Conduct Form, Medical Disclosure Form, and Registration Form, or you will not be able to attend. The forms are available in the Downloads box on the right hand side of the page. Please print, complete, and submit them to the Aerospace Engineering Office by 31st January 2020.

Identification Required:
Remember to bring photo ID with you on the flying day. You will not be permitted to fly without it. Acceptable forms of ID are your University of Sheffield student card, a photo-driving licence or a passport.

Coach Leaving Times:
The coach will leave for Doncaster Sheffield Airport at a time to be confirmed from Rockingham Street. If you are late for the coach you will be left behind.

Clothing & Footwear:
You should ensure you are wearing suitable clothing and footwear as the flight crew reserves the right to refuse permission to fly. (no flip flops etc).

Food & Refreshments:
Please provide your own lunch. 

Activity TBC

Moving to year four

Moving to year four



You will continue on your chosen stream in year three.

BEng course structure  MEng course structure 

Please be aware that the year 3 and 4 options shown are the modules that are running in 2019-20. By the time you reach years 3 and 4, we cannot guarantee that the modules will remain exactly the same, however suitable replacements will be available.

Module choice

Online module choice

You will make your choice of elective by using the online module choice system which will be open from May 2020. You will receive an email from Registry Services when module choice goes live, which will tell you how to complete your module choice.

When completing module choice please ensure that:

  • You only enter modules that are included in the Elective that you wish to take (core modules will already be pre-loaded)
  • Your modules total 120 credits

Please note that module choice is not the same as registration. Once you have completed on-line module choice and provided that you pass your examinations and do not have a debt to the University, from mid July you will be able to formally register with the University for the next academic year via My Record in MUSE. You need to complete BOTH online module choice AND registration.

Module Descriptions

Resit exams

Resit examinations

There are no resit examinations in year three.

Individual project

Individual projects

You will be asked to make your selection of MEng project titles in May 2020. Projects will be allocated in September 2020. During module choice, you should select AER488 and the module code will be amended once projects have been allocated.

Year in Industry

Year in Industry

If you are on the Year in Industry course and will be spending year 4 on placement, you do not need to complete online module choice. The AER390 Aerospace Year in Industry module will be automatically added to your record. You do need to complete registration with the University at the end of July.