Learning and assessment

Course structure

Our courses are designed to give you an excellent understanding of the wider engineering sphere in the early years of study. Then, once you've had chance to develop your knowledge and gain an understanding of the subjects you're interested in, you'll get to specialise in either Avionics or Aeromechanics.

Year one

Enhancing your knowldege

The first year of study on all our courses is the same and focuses on enhancing your existing knowledge. You'll study a core range of modules covering subjects from across the engineering and mathematical sphere to give you an excellent understanding of general engineering concepts, as well as an introduction to aerospace engineering.

Year two

Understanding your areas of interest

By year two, you'll have grasped the fundamental principles of engineering and will have begun to work out which areas you're most interested in. Alongside a comprehensive programme of core study, in year two you'll begin to specialise on either our Avionics or Aeromechanics stream.


Concentrating on the the electonic side of aviation, you'll study aircraft sensor and actuation systems and flight control systems.


This stream focuses on the combustion, propulsion and materials manufacturing of aircraft.

Year three

Consolidating your knowledge

Your third year is all about consolidating your knowledge and beginning to develop a deeper understanding of your chosen field of study. You'll now get to specialise further on your chosen stream.

Avionics - Aircraft Power and Actuation Systems

How aircraft sensor and actuation systems are powered and controlled, including electromagnetics, signal processing, sensor fusion and the theory of radar systems.

Avionics - Flight Control Systems

Navigation, embedded systems and software, advanced control, hardware and software testing and verification.

Aeromechanics - Aerodynamics and Propulsion

Advanced computational methods for designing aerodynamic components and their interaction with the whole aircraft.

Aeromechanics - Aerospace Materials, Structures and Manufacturing

The design, manufacture and analysis of advanced metallic and composite materials for aircraft.

Year four

Next level learning

You'll take your learning to the next level on the final year of the MEng, gaining the in-depth knowledge, skills and practical experience needed to excel in the jobs market. Whichever stream you're on, you'll continue on this in your final year.