Paper Submission

For those who submitted an abstract already, the deadline to submit Paper is 30th January 2017.

All papers should be submitted as a Word document to the following email address:

All papers must be submitted in the format as described in the template (word format, 51 kB). An example paper is also provided for your reference (word, 12MB / pdf, 2MB) - please note that this template is for Word 2010. If you require a template for an earlier version of Word (1997-2003), please send us an e-mail.

Please follow the paper template provided. Please note: There is no limit to the number of papers that an author can be named on. However, the maximum number of oral/poster presentations that an author can present at the conference is two (EITHER one oral and one poster OR two posters). Standard paper length is maximum 14 pages. Please also submit a PDF version of your paper IN ADDITION TO the Word document as this will assist us in checking the correct formatting of any equations, images etc. in the Word document.

Please note that if your abstract has been accepted for an oral presentation, you must submit a paper which will be included in the conference proceedings. Although it is not a requirement to submit an accompanying paper for a poster presentation, it will be included in the conference proceedings and we strongly encourage the authors to prepare one.