Travel to Sheffield, UK


The airport with the best connection to Sheffield is Manchester International Airport. There is a train service that goes directly from the airport train station to Sheffield station. For train times, please visit the National Rail website. Keep in mind that trains from the airport that go to Sheffield may have the end station "Sheffield" or "Cleethorpes". The train ride to Sheffield is generally about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Other airports relatively nearby include the Leeds/Bradford Airport (1h45), East Midlands Airport (1h30), Birmingham (1h45), and Newcastle (2h30). The London Gatwick and Heathrow Airports are about four hours travel from Sheffield and will require changing of trains. There is also a small airport near Sheffield (Robin Hood Airport) with a limited number of flights; however, it is not easy to access by public transport.


Sheffield is easily accessible by train from cities across Great Britain, for example there are regular services to London St. Pancras Station (ca. 2 hours 15 minutes), Birmingham (1 hour 15 minutes), Leeds (1 hour), and Manchester (1 hour). For all train services please visit


National Express nationwide coach service has connections from around the country and stop at the Sheffield Transport Interchange, Ponds Street. Megabus Coaches is another bus service and stops at Meadowhall Interchange, which is accessible by Supertram from the city center.


Sheffield has limited parking options; when booking your hotel please ask about parking possibilities and consider walking or using public transportation to get around. There are a few options for parking near Sir Robert Hadfield Building, e.g. Q-Park Rockingham Street (parking garage) or the university parking services.

When making your hotel booking, please ask the reception for parking options. Please keep in mind that Sheffield has Park & Ride options.

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