University of Sheffield Algal Research Network

The ABS Network is a multidisciplinary group of researchers with one common theme: ALGAE. We aim to increase university wide collaboration in this exciting research area.


Our Research: Bioprocess Engineering

Microbubble generation using fluidic oscillation is a patented technology developed by Professor Will Zimmerman. With this breakthrough technology a range of promising applications to increase the efficiency of algae cultivation, harvesting and product extraction are being developed.


Our Research: Physiology and Bioengineering

Using various techniques such as "-omics" technologies we aim to learn more about how the algal cells regulate their physiology. We can use this knowledge to bioengineer algae to improve yields of biofuels or other industrial products.

Algael Ecology

Our Research: Algal Ecology

Algae are a very large and diverse group of organisms capable of transforming light energy into chemical energy and synthesizing various metabolites of commercial value. Their role in the greater microbial food web can be illustrated through the field of synthetic ecology, a branch of synthetic biology. This can provide a further understanding of algae-bacteria interactions and how they are relevant for biotechnology.


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ABS is actively invovled in outreach. We aim to both increase public awareness of algal biotechnology and inspire propective scientists

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