Faqih Ahmad Shuhaili

PhD student in Chemical and Biological Engineering          

Email: faahmadshuhaili1@sheffield.ac.uk

Tel: +44 (0)114 222 28267

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
The University of Sheffield
Sir Robert Hadfield Building
Portobello Street
Sheffield, S1 3JD,
United Kingdom




Research in optimizing chemicals from algae for bioplastic production.

I graduated M.Eng in Chemical Engineering from The University of Sheffield in 2014 before pursuing for PhD beginning Dec 2015.

My research here is to look for a more sustainable and efficient route of generating energy from biological sources i.e microbial processes instead of fossil fuels that contribute to global warming.
M.Eng Chemical Engineering from the University of Sheffield, UK 2014


Dr Raman Vaidyanathan