Dr Krys Bangert


Former PhD student in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology and Chemical and Biological Engineering

Email: krys.bangert@gmail.com

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My research studies were based around the optimisation of photo-bioreactor design and operation for enhanced algal biofuel production. This research topic encompasses many areas of engineering, biotechnology and microbiology.

On the engineering side, I have experience in designing and manufacturing various prototype photobioreactors using CAD/CAM software (Soilworks, ProEngineer, AutoCAD) and performing computational models based on this geometry with FEA and CFD packages (Comsol Multiphysics, Ansys Fluent, Cosmosworks). The mass transfer and mixing rates of microbubbles produced by fluidic oscillation are of particular interest in my work.

On the biological side, I have studied the stress effects salinity, shear and nitrate/CO2 deprivation have on algal lipid production (Dunaliella Salina) using various analysis methods (Solvent extraction, Colourimetry, Flourescence, FTIR, GC-MS). I also have experience in strain isolation and characterisation using plating, gDNA (16-18s) and microscopy (optical, fluorescence, SEM) techniques.

I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2007 with a 1st class BSc Hons in Engineering design. The course included a year long industrial placement with UK based food/pharmaceutical packaging machine manufacturer Trepko UK, which subsequently led to an R&D based industrial collaboration for the final year project.

In 2009 I returned to academia and joined Sheffield University’s E-Futures Doctoral Training Program (DTC), a multidisciplinary science and engineering course designed to train on all aspects related to energy generation, management and supply. In the first year of the program I received tuition on topics covering; Energy from waste, Renewable energy, Energy utilisation, Conventional power generation, Energy from waste and Materials for energy.

In the 2nd year of the course I joined the departments of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology (MBB) and Chemical & Biological Engineering (CBE), where I am currently performing interdisciplinary research into algal biofuels.

My academic interests are in how engineering design and computer simulation can create and improve energy systems. Outside of work I am a keen musician and producer, I have played and recorded with multiple bands and enjoy composing when time permits.


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