Dr Jim Gilmour


Senior Lecturer in Microbiology

Email: d.j.gilmour@sheffield.ac.uk

Tel: +44 (0)114-222 4412

Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology,
University of Sheffield,
Firth Court, Western Bank,
Sheffield S10 2TN,
United Kingdom

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I have collaborations with colleagues in the Engineering Faculty, in particular with Prof Will Zimmerman on using microbubbles to grow microalgae more efficiently [8]. Two further review papers have been produced [9,10] and we have received funding from the Technology Strategy Board (£150k) and the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment (£33k). Very recently, funding has been awarded by DECC to Carbon Sequestration Ltd as part of CCS Innovation programme and my laboratory will receive £35k of this award. The microalgal research group in my lab consists of nine PhD students (seven of whom are jointly supervised with colleagues in Engineering). Chris Jenkins has just joined the group on a six-month research technician post funded by the DECC project.

My initial training at PhD and postdoctoral level was in algal physiology and biochemistry using the extremophilic microalga Dunaliella to examine the effect of salt stress on photosynthesis [1,2]. On obtaining my lectureship at Sheffield, I continued to work with microalgae [3,4], but gradually I moved more into the field of bacterial growth in extreme environments [5]. During the 1990s, I was Deputy Head of Department and Director of Undergraduate Studies, but I always maintained a research laboratory with at least one PhD student [6]. In 2000, I moved back into research and retrained in molecular biology techniques [7] and since 2005, I have supervised 8 PhD students studying microbial biodiversity in extreme environments. I have recently started to adapt the molecular biodiversity techniques used for bacteria (16S rDNA sequencing, specialised gel electrophoresis methods) for use with microalgae. My expertise in molecular biology techniques coupled with my long term experience of growing microalgae are the basis of my current research into biodiesel production by microalgae.



Main supervisor

Adan Al-Mousawi
Adel Almutairi
Jasem Almohsen
Krys Bangert (second supervisor Steve Wilkinson)
Emily Hounslow (second supervisor Phil Wright)
Richard Smith (second supervisor Steve Wilkinson)


Second supervisor

Gloria Padmaperuma (main super
Mohd Farizal (main supervisor Will Zimmerman)
Yuzhen Shi (main supervisor Will Zimmerman)
Philippa Uttley (main supervisor Steve Wilkinson)
Kezhen Yang (main supervisor Will Zimmerman)



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